8 Essential Types of Shorts for Men

Need to pick up some new shorts for your summer wardrobe? Good news – you aren’t just limited to jeans shorts or cargo shorts. In fact, men have many more types of shorts available for their outfits than they might think. Not sure where to start? Check out these eight essential types of shorts for men, all offered here at Berle!

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Performance Khaki Shorts

Performance khaki shorts are made of a special khaki material designed for comfort and flexibility above all else. For example, Berle’s performance khaki shorts are made with wrinkle and stain-resistant cotton twill. The resulting shorts are supremely comfortable to sit or work in, even for extended hours.

Fortunately, you can pick up performance khaki shorts in a variety of popular masculine colors, like white, beige, and navy blue.

Poplin Shorts

Poplin is a comfortable and luxurious-looking material that fits perfectly with stylish shorts for men who want to elevate their summer wardrobe a bit. This material doesn't wrinkle very easily and it's very easy to iron. So it's a perfect pick for semiformal occasions or backyard barbecues when you don't want to wear jeans or other shorts.

You can pick up Poplin shorts in a few different sizes and colors, ranging from blue to white to red and more.

Seersucker Shorts

Although seersucker is usually used for lightweight suits, it's also a great match for well-fitted shorts from Berle. The seersucker’s beautiful texture makes it a perfect pick for formal wardrobes on hot and sunny days, like July weddings or trips to the beach.

You can pair seersucker shorts with collared shirts and open-toed shoes for a formal-lite look that nonetheless is supremely comfortable: perfect for open-air events.

Microfiber Shorts

Though they won't be appropriate for formal summer occasions, microfiber shorts can still be a great pick for men who need something comfortable and moisture-wicking. Indeed, these shorts wick away sweat quickly and easily and resist stains: perfect for backyard roughhousing or doing summer chores without wearing your "work pants".

Depending on the color, you can use microfiber shorts for casual summer wardrobe ensembles. Berle offers a variety of microfiber pleated and flat-front shorts in colors like black, beige, and navy blue.

Twill Shorts

Twill shorts are made from a selection of organic or synthetic fabric fibers. At Berle, you’ll find vintage twill shorts designed for ultimate stretchiness and comfort in classic shades like blue, red, beige, and navy.

These shorts are excellent casual choices for men who want to enjoy a comfortable Saturday at home or guys who want casualwear for running to the grocery store or visiting a friend. Our twill shorts are made with 98% cotton and 2% spandex, ensuring easy washability and that they’ll retain their shape for years to come.

Patch Madras Shorts

Nothing says “summer fashion” like Madras patchwork shorts. Although Madras pre-sewn fabrics are usually found on shirts and dresses, they can also make excellent choices for shorts. That’s why we offer a handful of quality patch Madras shorts at Berle.

Each of the patterns available is perfect for combining with a casual collared shirt or T-shirt, plus flip-flops or sandals. They're the ultimate vacation shorts choice due to their comfort and bright colors. No one will doubt that you're on vacation when they see you in these shorts with your sunglasses.

Printed Shorts

For men who like a little more artistic flair on their legwear in summer, Berle’s printed shorts collection is a perfect place to look. Printed shorts have special patterns or designs on them that set them apart from other shorts, especially plain-colored pairs that do little more than serve as functional legwear.

Our printed shorts come in three different varieties. Each is designed with a masculine aesthetic in mind and regular rise sizes. Check them out and consider adding them to your wardrobe if you want shorts that are a bit more personalized than normal.

Linen Shorts

Out of all the available fabrics, linen is perhaps the best for any type of summer wear. That’s because linen is supremely cool and comfortable. When you sweat, linen allows summertime breezes to evaporate the sweat and cool you down rather than absorbing the liquid.

Furthermore, linen is lightweight and easy to wear all day, even if you walk around on the beach or head to an amusement park. We recommend checking out our selection of linen shorts, some of which come in a variety of colors like beige, tan, black, and gray. We also offer linen plaid shorts for men who want legwear with a little more personality.

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Ultimately, these essential types of shorts for men are sure to fit your wardrobe needs! Check out Berle’s full selection of shorts for even more options.

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