How To Dress Like A Southern Gentleman with Shorts

Like most men, you want to know how to dress “sharply.” You want to look “smart.” You want to look sartorially-savvy. You want to look…well, you want to look as sharply-dressed as a southern gentleman.

Considering the phrase “How to dress like a southern gentleman” yields some 316,000 results in Google, it would appear that you’re not alone. And while you’ve come to the right place in looking for that distinctive southern style, there’s just one problem—summer is coming. And with it comes humidity, cloudless days, and lots and lots of sweat. Fortunately the southern gentleman also knows when it’s time to switch to shorts. After reading this, you will, too.

The Rules of Gentlemanly Shorts

Okay, okay, there’s not actual rule-book when it comes to this stuff. But there are plenty of unwritten rules when it comes to wearing shorts—and if you want to look good, you’d better sure you start sticking to them:

  • Never wear socks with sandals. It’s tempting. It’s comfortable. It goes naturally with shorts. But today’s sock-less look is in—and it’s probably here to stay. If you’re wearing sandals, ditch the socks.
  • Avoid cargo shorts when possible. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra storage space in your shorts—heck, it’s handy. But since you’re not on a camping trip near the lake, it’s fair to say that you don’t need an extra pocket for waterproof matches and a giant floating keychain.
  • Keep it simple. You don’t need to do a million things to dress up a pair of shorts. Just wear them and pair them smartly with a classic top. The only accessories you really need include a watch, a belt, and maybe a bracelet. That’s all.

How to Pick Out your Next Pair of Shorts

Now that you know what not to do, it’s time to emphasize what to do. Specifically, take a look at these shorts:

  • Basic Khaki Flat Front: This is the versatile option you should choose if you have a low budget and want to get the most possible mileage out of your shorts. Because they’re khaki-colored, they’ll match with just about anything in your wardrobe—and we do mean anything. The whole color spectrum is at your disposal when it comes to your shirt and shoes, including both white and black.
  • Charleston Brick Flat Front: If you want a pair of shorts that stands out from the crowd a little bit without venturing too far into “overly bright and colorful” territory, this is it. These shorts are simple, like the khaki flat front shorts, and the salmon color is perfect for matching with blues, whites, darks, you name it.

Of course, we have plenty of shorts for you to choose from here at Berle. But keep our rules in mind and try to add a pair of shorts to your wardrobe that doesn’t only fit, but that you’ll actually wear on a regular basis. After all, the “southern gentleman” look is ultimately about good habits. Even when it comes to shorts.

April 15, 2016 by Berle Editor
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