8 Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

When it comes to men’s fashion, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around online and in guys’ heads. Men's fashion myths can not only be confusing, but they can also be actively harmful; the last thing you want is to follow a fashion myth that leads you astray or that causes you to pick up a piece of clothing that doesn't make you look as stellar as you could. Today, let’s debunk eight men’s fashion myths one-by-one. By the end, you’ll be much more confident in your fashion knowledge!

#1 You Need to Have the Perfect Body

Don’t get us wrong, being fit is great for your physical health. But, you don’t need to have an “ideal body” to look fantastic. In actuality, choosing the right clothes—tailored to your body no matter what your size—will heighten your appeal and leave you looking great.

As the oldest family-owned trouser manufacturer in the United States still in the hands of the same family, our team at Berle has been outfitting customers for more than 70 years. In that time, we feel like we've perfected the art of making and delivering the best pair of trousers available today. In addition to complimentary hemming on all purchases, we also offer special sizing for all body types, including:

  • Long Rise for taller than average men or those with a longer torso
  • Short Rise for shorter than average men
  • Big & Tall for taller men and men with waist sizes 50 through 60

#2 Being Trendy is Key

When it comes to men’s fashion, trendiness is not as important as classic appeal. There’s a reason why many male “capsule wardrobes” emphasize classic clothing articles like jeans, khakis, leather jackets, and white T-shirts. Stick to the classics, and you'll always have something appropriate to wear no matter the situation. Here are a few of our most popular classic pieces in the Berle Catalog:

#1 Wool Flannel Trousers

#2 Washed Poplin Charleston Khakis

#3 Poly/Wool Tropical Wool Dress Pants


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#3 It Takes a Ton of Time to Dress Well

Have you ever thought to yourself that you don’t have time to dress well? That’s a myth you’re telling yourself to get out of the work! Dressing well—especially once you get some experience—doesn’t have to take forever. You can likely put together a phenomenal outfit for a date, workplace meeting, or casual hang out with your friends in a matter of minutes, provided you have the right clothing options available. That includes plenty of trousers—both casual and formal—along with basic T-shirts and button-ups in classic, neutral colors. Choosing neutral colors when you shop makes matching your pants and shirts almost foolproof.

#4 Looks Don’t Matter

Though people like to claim that they aren’t superficial, the truth of the matter is that people will judge you based on how you dress. A wrinkled suit with long sleeves sends a very different message than a perfectly tailored suit! Think about how you want people to perceive you and extend that desire to how you choose your clothing.

#5 Ready-to-Wear Clothing Doesn’t Need Adjustments

So-called “ready-to-wear” clothing isn’t ideal right out of the gate. Off-the-rack clothing is designed to fit as many people as possible to save costs. So, while ready-to-wear clothing might look okay, it will never look perfect. As a general rule, get clothing tailored at the earliest opportunity if you plan to keep it! At Berle, we offer complimentary hemming on all our trousers for this exact reason. Keep in mind that trousers aren’t eligible for returns if alterations are made, so make sure that you know your exact measurements!

#6 Rack Sizes Are All the Same

Unfortunately, choosing ready-to-wear clothing can be a bit of a hassle. A size 32, for example, might mean one thing for one brand and something different for another. Keep this in mind as you shop and experiment, and always be ready to try things on in a dressing room to see how something really fits.

For more information on sizing at Berle, view our Size Guide.

#7 Style Guides Are All You Need to Dress Well

While it would be nice to take all the credit for your future fashion success, the truth of the matter is that style guides like this one can only take you so far on your journey. Reading style guides is important, particularly if you don’t have a lot of experience dressing well. But sooner or later, you’ll need to put the books down and get some real-world experience. Purchase affordable clothing, tailor it to your dimensions, and wear it out and about. As you experiment with different clothing articles, you’ll be better equipped to learn what works for your body and what colors are your favorites.

#8 It Costs a Lot of Money to Dress Well

Lots of guys give up on dressing well just because they think it’ll put too much pressure on their wallets. But nothing could be further from the truth. You can take advantage of sales, discounts, and smart shopping strategies to dress well by buying great-looking clothing selectively and wisely.

Take Berle, for example. When you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase. Or you can check out our Final Sale selection, which may let you save money when purchasing tailored trousers. Shop at the right brands, and you can dress well without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your Look with Berle

Now that you know the truth of these fashion myths, you’re in a much better position to look your best each day!

Here at Berle, we've been outfitting our customers for more than 70 years. In that time, we feel like we've perfected the art of making and delivering the best pair of trousers available today. If you’re in the market for new pair of fancies or Charleston khakis, shop the Berle Catalog today to find the ideal pants for any occasion.

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