6 Colors That Don’t Show Sweat

No one likes to feel the trickling dread of wondering whether peers, friends, or family members can see sweat stains under their arms, down their backs, or elsewhere. Sweating might be natural, but there's no denying that it's less than ideal when you want to look your best. Fortunately, you can arrest sweat’s sticky signs by wearing the right colors.

The New Year is quickly approaching, and we know that for many of us, that involves dancing the night away. Let’s look at six colors that don’t show sweat so you can pick out the perfect wardrobe for a fun-filled evening.

What Colors Show Sweat the Least?

Odds are you’re most concerned about shirt sweat and your underarms, especially if you’re attending a big event with lots of socializing and walking around. But pant sweat stains can also be embarrassing! Here are some colors to consider when choosing your outfit.

#1 Charcoal

Charcoal is dark, similar to colors like black and navy blue, meaning that any sweat marks your body creates will be almost invisible to your coworkers, date, or friends. Berle’s denim trousers show how a dark yet not quite black pair of slacks can make you look masculine and professional while also hiding any possible sweat.

#2 Plaid and Similar Prints

If you get a little sweaty or even spill a bit of water, patterns hide wetness easily. Plaid and other bold prints are ideal for hiding sweat because they distract the eyes of onlookers. As an example, these Royal Stewart wool plaid pants from Berle show just how great plaid patterns can look.

#3 Pale Pink

If you have a lighter skin tone, pale pink could be the color for you. Pale pink instead of pastel pink (which are indeed different shades) is ideal, as it’s closer to white than it is to red, so it can prevent sweat from showing up on your body fairly well. It could go well with black trousers or with tailored pants of lighter colors, such as these pink classic vintage twill pants from Berle: perfect for combining with light-colored shirts.

#4 Navy Blue

Then there’s navy blue: another phenomenal color option that can hide sweat as it appears on your body. Even better, navy blue pairs with many different colors on the wheel, so you can combine it with other shirts, shorts, trousers, and jackets to excellent effect. Our navy stretch twill shorts are ideal examples of this color used for a real article of clothing.

#5 Black

Of course, black clearly and easily concealed sweat. While black dress shirts or trousers aren’t always ideal depending on the situation, opt for black attire if you really want to prevent sweat from showing no matter what. A fitted suit with 8-wale corduroy pants could be a powerful combination, particularly with a well-fitted shirt.

#6 White

Although it may not be the ideal color for winter, white is on the list, and for good reason. Pure white hides sweat marks very well, as it doesn’t include any dyes or colors that can turn darker when you sweat. Plus, white wears well with practically any other color, so it’s easy to whip up an outfit quickly with a white shirt. Consider these classic white vintage twill trousers. They’re perfect for pairing with brightly colored shirts--especially pastel shades--if you’re worried about sweating in the summer sun.

Bonus Tips to Hide Sweat

Aside from choosing the right colors for your wardrobe, you should keep some additional tips in mind to maximize your sweat stealth.

  • Always consider material. Color matters greatly, but the material of your pants or shirts matters as well. Ideally, pick natural and breathable materials such as bamboo and cotton for your shirts and trousers. Avoid moisture-wicking materials, as these push sweat away from your skin
  • Try wearing a sweatproof undershirt. Certain T-shirts are perfect for blocking sweat from getting through to your overshirt or jacket, so they're perfect solutions for hiding sweat if you're wearing multiple layers of clothing
  • Stay away from gray-colored clothing except for the above-mentioned charcoal color. Of course, this also applies to any sweatproof undershirts. If you have a gray sweatproof undershirt, for example, the color matters less than the natural anti-sweat material

Upgrade Your Look at Berle

In the end, hiding sweat is a matter of keeping these tips in mind and wearing the right colors. If you’re in the market for a new pair of Charleston khakis, men’s dress pants, or shorts, turn to Berle for the widest selection of sweat-proof, classic colors made with the finest material.

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