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If you have wide legs, then you know what it’s like to buy pants in this day and age. Men’s trousers hug your quadriceps like you just wore them in a pool. But when you go a size up, something else goes wrong: maybe the hem of your pants is now too long. Why does it seem like all pants are made to fit one type of person? Forget the hassle, and shop Berle's Big & Tall collection for a great selection of men's wide leg dress pants.

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Finding Wide Leg Pants That Fit

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect men's wide leg dress pants: 

Size Up, But Keep the Legs Short

One of the reasons your pants don’t fit? You’re going a size down. The problem is, many people size up by including the length of their trousers, as well. You don’t have to do this. If you try the Microfiber Self Sizer trouser, for example, you can expand the waist for more upper leg room while keeping the inseam just as long.

If that’s still too long, we also offer complimentary hemming on all of our trousers. Don’t wear a size of pant leg just because you think it’s the one that should fit you. Go with the one that does fit your leg comfortably. In the world of men’s wide leg trousers, it’s anything but “one size fits all.”

Have Yourself Measured

To get the retail experience of trying on different pants without visiting a retail outlet, simply visit a tailor once. They’ll measure all of the relevant numbers—inseam, waist, etc.—and then write them all down for you. Using this information, you can visit our self-sizer trousers for a precise match.

This means no more searching through a wide variety of pants to find one that just “happens” to fit you. Instead, you’re calling the shots. Consider one small investment of time and money in a tailor as your proverbial “trip to the dressing room”—except this trip will last you years.

Try Pleated Pants on For Size

Pleated pants are designed to maintain a quality silhouette even when you’re seated. And no matter what you do, chances are, you’re going to spend a majority of time in your new pants in a seated position. So why not try a pair of pants like these pleated Charleston Khakis? The fit around the upper portions of the leg is a little more generous, giving you the breathing room you need. Pleated pants are especially good for men with wide upper legs, but they can work equally well for a variety of proportions.

Shop Berle Big & Tall Trousers

Looking for fine men’s wide leg pants? Check out our Big & Tall section. There’s no reason having large or unusually proportioned legs should get in the way of a clean, classic look.