Men’s Fashion Mistakes with Trousers (And How to Fix Them)

Acquiring a great pair of men’s trousers will fix a lot of problems in your outfits. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune from any of the top men’s fashion mistakes you see out there today. To make sure that your investment in a new pair of great trousers pays its sartorial dividends, be sure to avoid these men’s fashion mistakes. 

Mistake #1: Mistaking “Size” for a Proper Fit 

The most important aspect of your clothes isn’t where you bought them, the price tag, or even their color. By far the most important question is how well your clothes fit. You can worry about those other things later. The problem is that many men mistake a proper “size” for a real fit.

Men come with different legs. Some have huge upper legs and quadriceps; others have long, slender legs. Whatever your leg type, you should always take the time to try different trouser sizes and styles until you find the pair that feels and looks the most natural.

How to fix it: Keep experimenting. Try our Self Sizer to identify the specs you need on a pair of pants that don’t just fit well and comfortably.

Mistake #2: Ignoring Basic Men’s Fashion Rules

When it comes to pants, there are a lot of unwritten men’s fashion rules you may or may not have heard of. Don’t wear both suspenders and a belt. Match your shoes to your belt color. Avoid wearing white pants to formal occasions such as funerals.

Sure, you should remain flexible enough to try new things, but these rules exist for a reason: they’re bad form. Ignoring them won’t necessarily make you a trend-setter.

How to fix it: Take just a few seconds each morning before you put together your outfit to ask yourself if you’re breaking any of the rules mentioned above.

Mistake #3: Tucking Without a Belt

Take a look at our Performance Dress Khaki Self-Sizer. Do you see how much visual contrast that belt adds? The belt isn’t just an accessory. If you’re tucking in your shirt, you should almost always wear a belt to provide a visual border between top and bottom.

It’s true that a pair of pants should fit well enough that you don’t technically need a belt to keep them up. But a belt will still promote a snug fit while giving that visual contrast that’s so vital to the modern business-casual style. Tucking without a belt can work sometimes, but as you first learn the rules of style, it’s almost always better to wear one.

How to fix it: Invest in a quality leather belt. If you limit yourself to just one, go for brown, as it’s the most versatile color for accessories.

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Now that you know these basic men’s fashion faux pas and how to correct them, browse our collections of men’s trousers to find a great pair of pants for any occasion.