Big & Tall Khaki Pants


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11 products

Men’s Big & Tall Khaki Pants

At Berle, we believe strongly that all men should be able to look their best, regardless of size. If you wear a size that fits into the Big & Tall category, we are proud to serve you with our collection of high-quality, comfortable garments. Whether you are shopping for a pair of Gabardine trousers, some standard khakis, or a variety of other types of garments, Berle is ready to serve you with a wide range of men’s Big & Tall Khaki Pants.

Find Your Fit

Gentlemen who require a waist size between 50 and 60 will fall into our Big & Tall category. If you require a waist size in that range, you will also be able to select a number of other important variables before ordering your items to make sure the fit is just how you’d like it.

You’ll be able to pick the inseam, of course as well as the rise and bottom finish. Most of our items are also offered with either a flat front or double reverse pleated design, so you can make sure you get the right look when all is said and done. To add even more flexibility, we offer some garments with a Self-Sizer waistband, meaning you can get a few extra inches of give when you need them.

Trust Berle

We have built our name and reputation over many years in this industry, and you can be sure that we continue to work hard to uphold what our brand represents. Simply put, you won’t be disappointed when you trust us with your next order. Thank you for considering Berle.