Men’s Job Interview Outfit Tips

There are few investments that will pay off like an investment in a good job interview. From the way you’re dressed to the way you prepare, a job interview has the potential to set you on a new career path and a step up in life. One of the most crucial decisions before the job interview is picking what to wear. Dressing well doesn’t only show that you took the time to prepare yourself, but that you respect the job interviewer’s time. Here are some men’s job interview outfit tips and trousers to help you give the best impression.

For the Formal Job Interview

A men’s job interview outfit for a white collar job will usually require a full suit and tie if you want to make the best impression possible. Building that suit starts with the foundation of a quality pair of men’s trousers. In this case, we recommend the Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated. These dress pants have some great benefits:

  • Quality of fabric. It’s obvious when you’ve selected an off-the-rack option from your local mega mart as opposed to a quality piece made from a single type of fabric. The 100% worsted wool here is comfortable, richly textured, and makes for a sleek pair of trousers.
  • Self-sizing. Because you can pick the rise, waist, inseam, and even bottom finish of these trousers, you’ll have no problem selecting a pair that fits you perfectly. Nothing upsets a “boardroom” look quite as fast as a poor fit.
  • During a job interview, you’re going to be seated for most of the time. Pleating gives you some wiggle room to ensure a consistent silhouette even when seated, keeping you looking your best.

There are several color options here, so pair one with your best suit jacket and you’ll have a formal suit ready to make a great first impression.

For the Business Casual Interview

For the more casual job interview outfit, we recommend our Performance Dress Khakis – Flat Front. These trousers are a striking contrast to the Super 100’s Gabardine—but for a “business casual” interview, you’ll fit right in. If you’re confused by the term in the job listing, refer to our guide to Business Casual clothing.

Why do these performance khakis fit the bill?

  • The performance aspect keeps the pants resistant to scuffing and staining, which is vital if you spill something but need to maintain your confidence for a job interview.
  • The flat front construction is a more casual look. Pair it with a blazer up top or even a simple button-down shirt, and you’ll have a business casual outfit that looks appropriate in nearly any setting.

Other Great Men’s Job Interview Pants

These two trouser choices also make great investments for anyone who’s ready to start a new job. Berle formal trousers are perfect for sales meetings and conferences, while our khakis will have you covered for just about any weekday outfit. Whatever you goal may be, you’re going to have to nail that job interview first.

Browse our full collection of men’s trousers to find the perfect pair for you. Get comfortable, look great, and be confident.