Five Lifehacks For Caring of Your Clothes

Sometimes, it’s the little things that bother you: a shirt that seems to stay wrinkled or misshapen even after you’ve left it hanging in the closet for days, or possibly a stubborn stain that won’t seem to come out, or maybe even fraying button threads that will never stay put.

Luckily, in the world of clothes, there are solutions for most of these problems. These little “lifehacks” will help keep your clothes newer longer, as well as resolve those stubborn stains and wrinkles that keep you from looking your absolute best. Follow these wardrobe lifehacks, and you’ll be well on your way to being dressed to impress.

#1: Store your ties by untying them the whole way through. Then, roll them up so that they’re not left in their fixed state of half-twisted, gnarled unseemliness. Having a straight tie ready to go at a moment’s notice can sometimes be the finishing touch in an outfit, and when you’re wearing a tie, you generally have someone to impress. So impress them! Keep your ties rolled and untied when you store them so that they come out looking as though they’ve been freshly pressed every time you put one on.

#2: Treat hanging button threads with clear nail polish. Granted, most men don’t have nail polish sitting around their house, but if you can borrow some from a girlfriend or if you know where to get your hands on some, you’d be amazed at what it can do to ensure that your buttons look crisp and decidedly unfrayed. Of course, you could always snip off extra threads and treat any problems with a sewing kit if you don’t want to keep nail polish lying around.

#3: Skip the wire hangers. You’d be amazed at how little wire hangers actually help you out around the home. They’re cheap, sure, but when it comes to handling what they’re designed to do they’re surprisingly ineffective. Wire hangers have a habit of stretching clothes out and making them appear baggier in the shoulders, ensuring that your well-fitting clothes eventually devolve into a state of looking frumpy and unkempt. Skip the wire hangers altogether and buy some sturdy wooden ones to help your clothes retain their shape.

#4: Follow directions. Maybe this isn’t a “lifehack” to many of you who have taken the time to care for your clothes in the way the directions intended, but for the rest of you…well, this is positively mind-blowing. Those little tags on your clothes mean something, and you’ll be surprised at how well your clothes retain color and quality over time if you take the time to wash them properly.

#5: Stack your shirts vertically in a dresser to preview every color. Most people fold their shirts and stuff them away in a vertical pile, leaving only one or two options to peruse. You’ll get better at putting together ensembles if you can preview all of the colors you have available in your dresser; this means stacking your clothes in such a way that you can see them all as soon as you open the drawer.

Following these lifehacks and tips will keep your clothes in better condition for years worth of wear. Keep in mind, the most important factor to looking good is finding the right fit for your shape. At Berle, we provide trousers and shorts for every style and size. As an added bonus to ensure you get the right fit, we offer free hemming for every pair of Berle trousers purchased. Stop in today to find the right pair of Charleston khakis or casual pants to add to your wardrobe for a solid, smooth look that will have you ready for whatever life throws your way.