5 Khaki Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

Khakis have been a staple casual trouser option for decades. They can be worn in any environment from casual outings to fancy parties and weddings. However, you also need to know what to pair with them, as well. Below, we’ll explore five khaki pants outfit ideas for men that will help upgrade your look.

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Wear Tailored Khakis

Well-fitted, tailored khakis should be loose without being baggy. There should be a little bit of space in the seat and crotch. Additionally, you shouldn’t roll up the cuffs of your khakis unless you want to wear them casually or to a job work site. Overall, getting your khakis tailored will allow them to look their best.

Outfit Ideas with Khaki Pants

Khaki pants can be worn with all kinds of clothing articles and accessories. Here are just a few ideas for outfits you can create with a pair of great khaki pants.

Casual Khakis

Khakis can work as casual apparel when you use the following tips:

  • Combine khakis with a white T-shirt for a particularly classic appearance.
  • Combine khakis with a graphic T-shirt if you want a good workplace outfit that’s not formal.
  • Polo shirts or collared shirts go perfectly with khakis. Mix-and-match colors as you like, and add a leather band watch for a little more classic appeal.
  • Pair with a leather jacket in some circumstances for another casual and timeless look. The trick is to make sure that your khakis and jacket don’t have the same shade of brown. For the best results, consider getting khakis in dark colors like gray or black, or light brown if your leather jacket is dark brown.

Business Casual

You can also wear khakis as business casual trousers, particularly if you get them tailored. Your khakis can be combined with the above-mentioned polo shirts or collared shirts, but you might also consider the following combinations:

  • Wear khakis with a tie and a long-sleeved shirt with a collar. Berle’s Charleston Washed Khakis are ideal for a business casual aesthetic. Note that blue shirts go well with the brown color most khakis come in.
  • Pair your khakis with Oxford shoes or any other kind of shoe with a slightly elongated toe.
  • Combine your khakis with boots and a flannel if you work at a blue-collar worksite.


A big part of khakis’ versatility is their suitability for semiformal occasions, like work parties or fancy Christmas dinners. Here are some tips for creating a semiformal look:

  • Pair your khakis with a sweater for a preppy look. Add some closed-toed shoes and you’ll look great at any event. Berle’s Charleston Dress Khakis are a great example of pants that would work for this look.
  • Alternatively, consider khakis and a blazer. A blazer can elevate your outfit without pushing it fully into formal territory. Dark blue is a particularly nice color to pair with light brown khakis. Add a tie and you’ll look perfect at any cocktail party, graduation ceremony, or similar occasion.

Formal Khaki Outfits

Khakis can be worn to formal occasions like weddings or fancy parties. But you have to be careful about the accessories you wear with them. As versatile clothing options, khakis don’t immediately read as formal, so you have to make up the difference with your other aspects. Here are some tips for creating a formal look:

  • Pair khakis with a nice blazer or suit jacket, provided the suit jacket’s color matches or complements the color of your khakis.
  • Wear a tie in blue, gray, or red to contrast your khakis and add extra formality.
  • Oxford shoes or dress shoes are a good bet, especially in brown or black.
  • Combine with a metal watch and a good haircut and you’ll look appropriate on a variety of formal occasions.

As with any formal event, you should get your khakis tailored if you plan to wear them to any formal outing.

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