Best Pants for Spring Golfing

Need some new pants for spring golfing, but don’t want to break the bank or choose pants that are too hot, too cold, or too casual? Good news – there are trousers that fit each of those requirements and then some. Let’s break down the best pants for spring golfing in detail.

Spring Golfing Weather

When selecting the right trousers for spring golfing, you have to keep the weather in mind. In most areas in the US, spring weather ranges from slightly chilly to warm. The ideal trousers, therefore, will be breathable and suitable for a variety of temperature conditions.

Prime Materials for Spring Golfing Pants

Spring golfing pants are made in plenty of materials. Some materials are perfect for spring golfing weather, which can be a bit brisk and nippy in the morning but feel positively warm and comfortable in the afternoon.


First up is linen. Linen is a prime spring and summer clothing material overall because of its breathability and moisture-wicking potential. Linen trousers will keep your legs pleasantly cool, while also providing some protection from the chilly morning air.

If your golfing game extends into the afternoon and things get warm, you don’t need to worry about sweat running down your legs. The linen will keep the moisture from going overboard, plus help every calming spring breeze feel that much more refreshing as your golf game progresses.


The other major trouser material is microfiber. Microfiber is a phenomenal material for all-day activity, so it's great for longer golf games. Microfiber is comfortable to start, but it is also fairly water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and stain-resistant so you don’t have to worry about annoying grass stains.

Because of these factors, microfiber pants can stand up to a significant amount of punishment while still looking phenomenal. In this way, microfiber pants are terrific outdoor trousers. But they’re also advantageous because of their situational versatility.

Considering Pants Fit

Of course, the perfect golf pants for spring golf games will fit comfortably. Although golf isn’t as physical as something like baseball or basketball, you still want your clothing and pants to allow movement and flexibility. You don’t want your pants to hinder your swing as you pivot your hips.

Therefore, only pick pants for spring golfing that you feel comfortable running in. The above two materials, linen and microfiber, are perfect for this need. They look great, but they are also comfortable enough that you shouldn’t have any problem with your driving swings or knocking the golf ball literally out of the park.

Style Versatility

Linen and microfiber pants are also great for spring golfing for another reason: They can work in business environments.

Let’s face it. A lot of people participate in spring golfing to schmooze with their bosses or to enjoy some socialization with their friends, especially men. But linen and microfiber golfing pants are perfect for heading straight from your office to the golfing course or vice versa.

These pants can work just as well in a business meeting as they can on a golf field. That way, you don’t have to worry about changing into new trousers when you switch between both activities.

Tailored Spring Golfing Pants from Berle

Luckily, Berle already has you covered whether you like linen or microfiber better. For example, our tailored linen pants are classic trousers that are perfect for old-school boys' clubs or modern work environments. You can easily wear these to the golf course without having to worry about getting too hot. These trousers come in light colors by default, so they may suit you more if your personal style or aesthetic leans toward cream-adjacent coloring.

Alternatively, check out our microfiber tailored trousers. These performance or self-sizer pants come in colors ranging from beige to brown to navy, and more. You'll find that these are durable, built to last, and designed for comfort above all else. They're great choices for business meetings and golf games alike. We pride ourselves on offering a wider selection of high-quality pants for men. Check out our linen and microfiber pants today!