Can You Wear Sneakers with Dress Pants?

One of the things we tend to worry about is the way we dress. We want everything to match in terms of color. Or we question whether we’re wearing the right pair of shoes. If anything, planning ahead when it comes to your wardrobe is usually something we ought to do. 

But what about wearing sneakers with dress pants? Is it appropriate or could it be a fashion faux pas we all should avoid? In this guide, we’ll answer these questions. The answers just might surprise you - so let’s get started right now. 

Is it really a good idea to wear sneakers with dress pants? 

Sneakers and dress pants may seem like the most odd pairing you’ll ever see. The reason for this is people may see it as an imbalance. Specifically, you see casual and formal mixed together and it might seem a little out of place. But what if this was less of an awkward pairing and more of an unconventional trend? 

To answer this question, yes it is a good idea to wear sneakers with dress pants. What it really comes down to is the setting you’re in. It might be a good idea to put together if it’s a casual day at the office. You prefer dressing a bit professional with a touch of a laid-back casual look.  

So it would be OK in this situation to wear sneakers with dress pants. On the day of a big meeting with clients, you could keep a pair of dress shoes handy just in case you feel the need to switch it up. Once the presentation is over, you can go back to your sneakers. 

Sneakers or not - they can go well with dress pants like Berle’s Wool Tropical Plain Weave Flat Front pants. In terms of color, the neutral tones like black, charcoal gray, or navy will do great. The reason is these colors provide you with plenty of versatility. So whether you wear sneakers or dress shoes - you have these colors to choose from when it comes to wearing dress pants. 

What are some factors to consider when choosing sneakers? 

Before just throwing on any pair of sneakers, you want to consider a few factors. Without wasting time, let’s take a look at what they are: 

  • Consider the design: If there is one design that might be passable for sneakers, aim for something minimalist and clean. If it compliments the silhouette of the dress pants you wear, you’re good to go. Refrain from wearing sneakers that are flashy or bulky because they might be more distracting to the rest of the outfit. A white pair of sneakers and a pair of Berle’s Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated pants are the perfect example of minimalist sneakers and dress pants working together.  
  • Are they in good condition?: If the sneakers you want to wear have seen better days, don’t wear them. You may want to get a pair that are newer looking. Plus, they should be the kind of sneakers you can wear strictly for a dress casual day. In other words, the shoes you wear at the gym might not be the best option. 
  • What will be the top?: While we talk about what we’re wearing on the bottom half, the top half needs love as well. So what could we wear with the dress pants and sneakers combination? One excellent choice is a polo shirt. A well-fitted button down could also be a good option as well. You also have the option to wear a blazer or jacket over a t-shirt if you want something more refined. 
  • To accessorize or to not accessorize?: Often we ask this question while putting together our ensemble. In this instance, a leather belt that can mesh well with your dress pants can be the best example for accessories. Nonetheless, a watch that is sleek and minimalist can also do the trick. Of course, we highly encourage you not to overdo it when it comes to accessorizing. Just keep it simple and to the point so it’s not too distracting. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are planning to wear sneakers with dress pants, you are free to do that. There is no rule (written or otherwise) that says you can’t. So mix it up a bit and make sure you follow some of the tips we’ve mentioned above. If you don’t have a good pair of pants, check out the kind that Berle offers at their store right now.