Fashion Tips for 30-Year-Old Men: How to Dress Well in Your 30s

Our fashion needs evolve as we grow older. After all, there’s a good reason why you don't see 30-year-old men dressing the same way as 18-year-old freshmen! But a lot of guys have no clue how to dress well in their 30s. To this end, let’s take a look at some of the best fashion tips for 30-year-old men.

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Stick to a Style

Here’s the truth—by the time you hit 30, you should have your style figured out, or at least have a general aesthetic that you prefer wearing. Your 20s and younger years are fine for experimentation, especially since any trend you wear will be quickly forgotten as you shift your wardrobe from style to style.

But in your 30s, you should settle down with a classic “you” aesthetic that everyone can recognize. This is not only a mark of maturity, but it can also help you cultivate a more refined and developed wardrobe.

Cultivate a “Main” Look, Then Add to It

Adding on to the above, men in their 30s should try to cultivate a main look that they can wear for a wide variety of occasions. Some general styles include:

  • The “surfer dude” look. Think sunglasses, t-shirts, and maybe a brown jacket
  • The businessman look, with a regular dinner jacket or cocktail jacket and preppy-casual clothes
  • The tech-head look, characterized by graphic T-shirts, jeans, and basic jackets

There are tons of examples you can imagine, as well. But the bottom line is, you need to figure out your look and add to it progressively. This isn’t to say that you can’t ever add fun or interesting pieces to your wardrobe. In fact, figuring out your core look can help you find pieces that complement it perfectly.

For men, the best accessories to look for include:

  • Good watches
  • High-quality sunglasses
  • Quality shoes instead of running shoes
  • A nice belt

Aim for Quality Clothes Rather Than Variety

Men in their 30s should also start aiming for quality clothing rather than purchasing a big quantity of clothing. That’s because the quality of your clothing speaks to your fashion maturity. Plus, it can cut down on costs over the long run.

The more clothes you buy, the more money you’ll spend. Many men in their 30s have families and plenty of other bills cutting into their monthly paychecks. To this end, prioritize buying pricier but longer-lasting clothes that look good and will last for quite a while instead of going for cheaper options that you’ll have to replace sooner rather than later.

Invest in Tailoring

You should focus on quality in other aspects as well. Specifically, men in their 30s should consider investing in tailoring and buying clothes cut for their physiques. Every man can benefit from tailored clothing.

This isn’t to say your daily T-shirts have to be perfectly cut for your body. But you should, at the very least, have a couple of tailored trousers and dress shirts by this point.

Examples of Clothing to Buy

These general tips are all well and good, but knowing some specific pieces that are great to buy can help you craft your ideal wardrobe. Here are some examples of clothing you should consider purchasing:

  • An unstructured blazer. These are usually made from matte fabric and can be paired with jeans, chinos, and T-shirts for a smart but casual look.
  • A tailored cocktail jacket or coat. This is a good choice if you plan to attend formal events sometime in the future.
  • Smart-casual trousers. These are excellent for both office parties and dinner parties in the neighborhood. These straddle the line between jeans and slacks. If you get these tailored, you earn bonus points! Shop Now.

All in all, fashion for men in their 30s might seem boring on the surface. But in reality, it’s about cementing your fashion persona in a way that everyone can recognize through quality and consistency.

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