Formal Clothes for Men: 5 Outfit Ideas

From time to time, you'll need to put together a top-tier, high-quality outfit for an upcoming social event. When it comes to wearing great-looking formal clothes, you can't afford to hold back – you need finally tailored, perfectly fitted, stylish articles from start to finish.

Read on to get inspired with five formal clothing ideas for men. Or, if you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe now, browse our tailored collection by Berle. Complimentary hemming is always included with your purchase.

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Khakis, White Shirt & Tie – What’s Not to Like?

First up is a basic yet effective outfit comprised of tailored khakis, a plain white and collared shirt, and a good tie to round everything out. Ideally, you'll want a dark-colored tie in a shade like green, navy, brown, or black, depending on your skin color and the exact shade of your khakis.

Finish everything up with some Oxford shoes and you’ll look great from top to bottom. This outfit is perfect for attending a formal cocktail party or for attending a wedding (provided you aren’t part of the groom’s squad).

However, it’s also effective since you can up the ante a bit with a fancy watch. In other words, this ensemble is a perfect staple for your wardrobe and should help you look great no matter where you need to go or what you need to do.

Keeping it Classic with a Tailored Suit

Of course, you can always keep things classic yet timeless with a tailored suit. Take your suit in a color like navy, gray, or black – just note that black suits tend to be more on the formal side of things, even if they aren't tuxedos.

Regardless, a tailored suit is perfect for attending weddings, funerals, or important work events where you want to look your best. You can also wear a tailored suit to a gala or charity event – simply having this suit will improve your wardrobe in more ways than one.

Just remember to get the suit tailored by an expert in the industry. The better your suit fits on your shoulders, the better you’ll look overall.

Tailored Trousers Plus a Blazer Jacket

Let’s return to khakis. Find some tailored trousers – ideally in a material that matches the weather, like wool for the winter or cotton and linen for the summer – then combine those trousers with a beige or khaki blazer jacket. Berle’s Houndstooth Wool Trousers, which come in a pleated style, are ideal for this type of outfit.

A tailored jacket or blazer combined with tailored slacks is a business staple for good reason. It's professional, stylish, and helps you look more mature without having to invest tons of time and money in distinct articles or fancy decorative elements.

Underneath, you’ll be best served by wearing a crisp, tailored white shirt. For shoes, you can wear loafers, Oxfords, or anything else. Just don’t wear any boots, which can make your outfit look too heavy in aggregate.

Navy Man – Blazer & Chinos with Shirt and Shoes to Match

Do you look good in blue? Lean into that idea by picking up a tailored navy blazer with navy chinos. These navy articles together will blend perfectly on your body without looking like a tailored suit, so little work for fancy date nights or dancing at the club.

Underneath, you should wear a light blue shirt or white shirt, depending on your skin tone and personal preferences. To improve the formality of this outfit, throw in a blue printed pocket square, black dress shoes, and your best watch. This is another versatile ensemble that can work for semi-formal and fully formal occasions based on your needs.

Semi-Formal Self-Check Shirt Plus Indigo Denim Slacks

To err more on the semi-formal side of things, try a white self-check shirt, then combine it with tailored indigo denim slacks. This basic yet effective outfit looks great in the spring and summer, especially when outdoors. If you prefer other trousers, any other tailored slacks, like Berle’s Super 100 Gabardine Trousers, will work as well.

On top of that, you can wear tan Oxfords, a leather belt, and a basic watch and you’ll look more put together and ready for action than most of the guys you see on the street.

Wrap Up

All in all, any guy can wear great-looking formal clothes. But more important, any man can look fantastic in a put-together, formal outfit that'll suit him well at a wedding, nice date, or any other formal occasion. Don’t forget to check out Berle’s tailored slacks to get your legwear straight before heading out! Complimentary hemming is always included with your purchase.

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