Men’s 1970s Fashion Style for Men: How to Perfect the Look

The 1970s were an era of mullets, chest hair, and shirts so colorful they make modern fashion look bleak in comparison. While there are a few trends you’re better off avoiding from this time, the 70s also started a few great fashion staples that might be worth resuscitating, if you know how to do them right. Use this guide on men’s 1970s fashion style to learn how to perfect the look!

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Material Matters

Your outfit won’t be suitably 70s unless you pick the right materials for your clothes. Here are some great examples:

  • Silk. Not only is silk comfortable, but it might be coming back into the fashion spotlight. Look for silk shirts to bring back the 70s look with boldness.
  • Knitwear. Search for shirts, jackets, and sweaters made of patterned knitwear. Knitwear was very prominent in the 70s and offers a more casual look.
  • Velvet. You can’t go wrong with velvet, especially when wearing it on slightly more formal occasions. The most traditional and appropriate option to stick with is a velvet blazer.

Pairing your Accessories

You should also consider how your accessories will fit with your shirts and trousers based on the materials you wear. Velvet is typically thought of as a fancier fabric, so it matches nicely with higher-quality timepieces and expensive sunglasses. Silk and patterned knitwear are a little more casual, so they pair better with a laid-back belt or watch.

Trousers to Make People Talk

If you want to look appropriately 70s, jeans or slacks that taper straight down to your ankle are a no-go. Instead, be sure to choose trousers with wider leg openings than average. Pairing this type of pant with Oxford shoes can make you seem more metropolitan, even by today’s conventional fashion standards.

You might also consider combining your flared trousers with a crewneck sweater and trainers. This will provide you with an even safer aesthetic that successfully touches on 70s fashion values without being totally old-school.

The trousers are the easiest part of the 70s ensemble to emulate without jumping in all the way. Consider trying trousers first before emulating the 70s style with your other items if you aren’t sure. As with any other jeans or trousers, though, be sure to get them tailored, if you can afford to do so. This will ensure they fit perfectly and better match the look you’re going for.

Shirt Speculation

Shirts that evoke the style of the 70s will more than likely have roll necks, which are essentially long turtle necks. Extra 70s energy can be curated if you find short-sleeved shirts with roll necks. Wear them with a pair of the above-mentioned trousers and you’ll evoke the 70s style. Choose neutral colors like gray or black if you want to look a little more modern. Also keep in mind that 70s-esque shirts will make you look older and a little sportier by default, especially since many of these shirts fit closely to the chest.

Color Considerations

Color brings everything together as you select items for your 70s wardrobe. Autumnal colors like rose, orange, brown, and beige are great 70s shades you can leverage to bring the appropriate aesthetic to your look. Beige pants are one easy option, especially since you can find beige slacks at most modern tailors these days. Just make sure they have flared edges, as mentioned above.

However, you can also add color by choosing a bright or orange-adjacent hue for your shirt. The key is to pick a color that’s noticeable and bold. Avoid overly pastel shades like baby blue or white-pink.

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