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Mini Houndstooth Check, Flat Front


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What Are Houndstooth Pants?

Houndstooth is a weaving pattern in which black and white fabrics are woven together to create a checkered, off-set, even “tooth-like” pattern. And while this concept has been around since the 1800s, there are some classics that never seem to go out of style.

A Brief History of Houndstooth

Like so many brilliant clothing ideas, the concept of Houndstooth emerged from a familiar friend: the sheep. In the 1800s, sheep in the Scottish lowlands served the one and only source of wool for shepherds who needed to put up with whipping winds and cool seasonal weather. Combining black and white thread and weaving them together, a sort of check-pattern emerged—and, in some cases, the pattern itself looked a little bit like teeth.

Strictly speaking, you don’t necessarily need a garment to be wool these days in order to produce a Houndstooth pattern, even if the purists insist that no other fabric will do. But if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of trousers that will fit comfortably even in summer months, you would do well to procure any of the fine offerings here at Berle.

Adding Houndstooth Slacks To Your Wardrobe

There’s an essential decision to make upfront: are you looking to wear Houndstooth pants in a more casual setting or are you eager to make this woven fabric something a little more dressy? The choice is a little more subtle than you might think. Here are some suggestions:


The Houndstooth Check Flat Front Pant is more casual than the pleated version, to be sure, but there’s nothing particularly “sub-dressy” about this pair of pants. It will look natural paired with a blazer and even a tie; it certainly wouldn’t look out of place at a wedding. Yet it’s casual enough to wear as a slightly more upscale version of khakis or chinos—which is an advantage for someone who’s looking to upgrade. Make sure you know your exact measurements for precise tailoring—you wouldn’t want to do your Houndstooth fabric a disservice by wearing them too baggy or too tight.


On the other side of the coin is the Houndstooth Check Pleated Pant, which wouldn’t look out of placed paired with a light-colored suit in the warmer seasons. Like the Flat-Front version, you’ll want to know your exact measurements here, because we can tailor you a pair of Houndstooth pants according to your exact specifications. 

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Whatever your choice, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic pattern like Houndstooth. You may not be a Scottish shepherd who needs to stay warm when the winds start howling over the lochs, but you don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy a quality pair of men's Houndstooth slacks!