Summer Fashion Ideas for Men at Work

Think summer fashion for men at work is limited to khakis and collared shirts? Think again. Truth be told, there are lots of summer fashion ideas you can take advantage of as a guy, plus several fashion styles you can emulate so you look great and feel comfortable while at work. Let’s break down some of the best summer fashion ideas for men at work in detail.

Plain Short Sleeve Shirts

You can't go wrong with some plain short-sleeve shirts, particularly in bright, summer-ready colors like blue, green, yellow, and more. It all depends on your personal color palette, of course.

In any case, plain, short sleeve shirts are great for summer fashion for guys at casual workplaces, like startups or small companies. They can be paired with many different types of jeans, trousers, shorts, and more. You can also wear them with your favorite shoes, accessories, and so on. Think of plain short sleeve shirts as the default or most versatile articles you can pick from. Graphic tees also qualify in this category, though they are best used for more casual get-togethers with your friends.

Khaki or Microfiber Shorts

Of course, you’ll also need to think about what you wear on the lower half of your body for your summer fashion ensemble. Fortunately, there are lots of shorts you can wear in the workplace without breaking your corporate dress code.

Take these Charleston khaki washed shorts from Berle, for instance. They're available in a variety of work-appropriate colors, most of them neutral, masculine shades, and they are made of 100% cotton, so they should be comfortable even if you walk around in them all day long. The washed shorts are also resistant to wear and tear and stains: perfect for regular wearing throughout the week.

If your workplace isn’t strict about khaki, you can also try microfiber shorts. These microfiber flat front shorts are available in several neutral colors and come made with luxury polyester microfiber. They are water and stain-resistant, making them prime choices for working outdoors or working in a warehouse environment.

Button-Downs and Jeans

If you need to look a little dressed up, you should consider wearing a button-down and jeans. Button-down shirts are great for work, for heading to church, and for meeting the parents of your significant other, as just a few examples.

Stylish, tailored denim jeans are also good options. Just be sure that the jeans you choose are a dark navy color and don’t have any wear and tear or stress signs. Otherwise, your jeans will look more casual than not.

Linen Suits for Big Meetings

Sometimes, you need your summer outfit to be workplace-appropriate and comfortable at the same time, like when you need to make a big presentation in the office. In such a scenario, a T-shirt and shorts won't do the trick.

Instead, you should opt for a full-on linen suit. Linen is an exceptionally comfortable and breathable material, particularly in the hot summer months. With a linen suit, you'll look the part of a professional expert without sweltering beneath the many layers of your articles.

You can get a linen jacket, then choose stylish, fitted linen pants, like these classic linen pants from Berle. With the right linen suit, you’ll impress everyone who sees you and be able to maximize your comfort at the same time.

Tropical Shirt & Sneakers for Casual Fridays

Sometimes, your work might relax its dress code for a little while; these days are oftentimes called casual Fridays. If your work celebrates this unofficial tradition, you can and should get a bit creative with your summer fashion.

Consider wearing a tropical shirt and your favorite sneakers to the workplace. This is, of course, most appropriate for office environments, but you might still be able to get away with it in a warehouse workplace, depending on the policy of your boss.

In any case, tropical shirts and sneakers are summertime staples. This combination is fun, bright, and shows that you are ready to party. Consider wearing something like this to an after-work get-together, like a cocktail party or a meet-up at a local restaurant.


All in all, these summer fashion ideas will make you look and feel more stylish and comfortable than ever, plus let you show your workplace the proper respect, whether you work outdoors or in an office. If you need help completing any of your outfits, check out Berle’s selection of tailored shorts and trousers today!