Weight Loss & Men’s Trousers

Congratulations: that extra time you’re putting in the gym is starting to pay off—as are the healthy meals. You’re getting comments on your improvements from friends and co-workers, and you notice yourself getting to a healthier weight, because your pants don’t quite fit. The problem? You don’t have enough cash laying around to put together an entirely new wardrobe. It’s a quality problem to have, but that doesn’t mean that loose-fitting trousers are any less of a challenge now that you’re seeing some results. Here are our suggestions for dealing with a changing fit.

Don’t Give Up on Those Pants Just Yet

You know the old saying “don’t quit your day job”? Well, don’t quit your day pants—not yet, anyway. There’s a good chance that even loose-fitting pants can still play an important role in your wardrobe, for a number of reasons.

You might not plan on putting weight back on, but let’s face it: statistically, it’s better to hold on to old pants for at least a while before you can size your entire wardrobe down. In the meantime, you can use some of our tips for keeping a good-quality fit. After all, your dress trousers represent an investment you made in yourself—and there’s no reason you can’t continue to see returns on that investment.

Accessories: Keeping the Fit Right

As your pants loosen just a little, you can keep things in check with a couple of accessories:

  • That’s what a belt is for, isn’t it? You can track your progress by measuring the notches on a belt. Early progress isn’t so dramatic that you’ll need an entirely new pair of pants just yet—you can cinch them at the waist and keep going about your daily life, still feeling comfortable in a spot-on fit.
  • Suspenders can be an issue of practicality at first, but be warned: you might actually get used to them. But one important tip to keep in mind? Don’t wear suspenders and a belt at the same time. That’s accessory-overload.

There’s a reason these accessories exist, after all: they keep your pants fitting at the waist even if the pants themselves are getting a little loose. But if it ever gets to the point that your dress trousers feel a little large even with these accessories in place, it’s time to think about a tailor.

Bring the Pants In

Why go for a tailor over a new pair of trousers? Easy. If you invest money in a quality pair of men’s trousers like the Super 100s Gabardine, you want that money to last you years. Buying an entirely new pair might solve the fit problem, but you end up with two pairs of pants—one of which no longer fits you.

It’s much better—and cheaper—to have them tailored. Having your pants taken in isn’t only inexpensive, but it will be a nice reminder that all of the hard work you’re doing to improve your health is paying off. Of course, getting a tailored pair of trousers from the start is a great way to ensure a perfect fit. Don’t forget the range of tailored trousers we offer for everyone whose dimensions are changing! Having your pants measured specifically for your body will help boost confidence and show off those healthy changes you’re making.