What Color Shoes to Wear with Black Trousers

It’s true that black can go well with almost any color you can match with. But is it the case with shoes? This guide will discuss the importance of choosing the right shoe color that will go well with a pair of black trousers - which is a proven, versatile choice for any ensemble.

Whether it’s a pair of regular dress pants or even Berle’s Worsted Wool Gabardine pants in black, it can go well with shoes of the right color. Ready to find out which color is the perfect match? Read on.

The Classics

These are the tried and true favorites. The fail-safes. The old reliables.

It comes down to two different colors - black and brown. Let’s dive in and discuss why either of these are the best option:


Needless to say, black shoes with black trousers is the safe bet combination. It’s elegant, formal, and has that monochromatic look. It may be the best option when you’re unsure of what color shoes to wear.

Another time to opt for black shoes is for your more formal events. This can include weddings (especially if you’re part of the groom party). If you need to dress to impress without putting in too much effort, black shoes and black pants will always be a winning combination.


If you want a bit more contrast, brown is the best choice. It’s great for when you want to sport a look that would be fit for a semi-casual or business-casual affair. Plus, it’s a bit more laid back.

There are different shades of brown that you can go with. You can go with dark brown if it’s a bit more of a dressy affair. If you want something that’s low-key, you could get away with a lighter shade of brown.

Neutral Shades

If you want to keep it neutral, chances are there are shoe colors that can match well with black trousers. Here are the following colors to keep your eyes peeled for:


It’s a bit more subdued in terms of color. Plus, it can match well with black. These shoes can even match with trousers that are charcoal or light gray - two colors that are available for Berle’s Wool Flannel Pleated trousers.


While it’s a dark blue hue, it can even be easily mistaken for black. For that reason, a lot of people might not even tell the difference unless they look up close. But there’s a time and place where navy can be better over black or brown.

It can be in a formal situation or a business meeting. If you don’t have a pair of black shoes, you can get away with navy colored shoes.

Bold and Statement Colors

There are people who want to break from the norms of dressing. Some will wear certain colors to make a statement. Here are two colors to consider:

Burgundy or Wine

It may be a dark hue in color. Plus, it can complement black trousers well. However, you might notice the color itself “pop” a bit more than the others.

Dark Green or Forest Green

If you are someone that prefers something earthy and unique, one of these two shades could be the best choice. Green and black can be a stylish contrast that can really make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Seasonal Considerations

As we said earlier, there’s typically a time and place where certain colors can go well with black trousers. What options are great for a certain time of year? Let’s answer that question now:

  • Spring and Summer: During these times of the year, lighter and brighter colors will be your best option. Vibrant or even pastel colors are good to wear - especially when the weather is getting warmer. 
  • Fall and Winter: Of course, the colder weather seasons will mean opposite colors that would otherwise be inappropriate to wear during the warmer months. These colors are deeper and warm in their tones (not to mention darker). The textures are much richer and cozier.

When and Where Do Shoes and Black Trousers Matter?

Aside from seasonal considerations, the type of setting may play a role in the shoe colors that you wear with black trousers. Let’s quickly match one situation with the right color of shoes:

  • Formal: Black shoes. End of discussion.
  • Business: May depend on the office style. But brown or navy are your best options regardless. 
  • Casual and everyday: This is where the choices are a bit more laid back. It can depend on your personal style


Finding the right color for shoes can be challenging when matched with black trousers. Since you have read through this guide, that is no longer the case. It is important to know the type of setting you’re in and the options that are appropriate. 

If you are looking for that perfectly fit pair of black trousers to go with your shoes, Berle has plenty of options. Be sure to check them out today to see what’s available for you.