Heathered Micro Poly Self Sizer Pants & Shorts


5 products

5 products

Men's Heathered Shorts

How many nice pairs of shorts do you own? This is often something of a blind spot in a man’s wardrobe. You have your formal clothing for work or other events, and you have casual, comfortable clothes that you wear around the house or out to the gym. But what goes in between? Berle men’s heathered shorts make for a great option in the middle. These are certainly nice enough to serve you in a variety of settings during the summer months, yet they are tremendously comfortable at the same time.

Many Great Features

What is it that makes these shorts so comfortable? It starts with the material—100% microfiber polyester. From there, these shorts offer a relaxed fit, along with our helpful self-sizer waistband. This type of waistband enables you to extend the waist size by as much as four inches, providing you with some wiggle room if your size changes as the years go by. Finally, the lightweight feel of the heathered fabric is going to keep you nice and cool on those hot days that are sure to arrive each summer.

Great Color Options

We don’t offer these shorts in every color of the rainbow, but there are plenty of options to pick from when placing your order. Some of the great colors seen in this collection include forest, stone, khaki, and charcoal. Both flat front and pleated versions are also available, and as always, you’ll enjoy excellent customer service when you decide to trust Berle with your business. Thank you for taking the time to visit!