Khaki Shorts: How to Pull Off the Smart Summer Look

There’s nothing like a pair of khaki shorts to complete a wardrobe. Not only does it give you something cool to wear when summer hits, but it’s versatile enough to match with just about any top and shoes you can pair with it.

That doesn’t mean, however, that just any shirt and shoes will do.

Any guy can wear a pair of khaki shorts and call it a day. But here at Berle, we’re always looking to give you a sartorial edge. And that means you’ll want to know how to pull off khaki shorts for a smart summer look that will set you out from the crowd.

Pick the Right Khaki Shorts for You

We have a number of khaki short options here at Berle, but we’ve narrowed down three specific choices that are perfect for the smart summer look we mentioned:

Basic Khaki Short in Flat Front: Choose either a light or dark khaki color and consider your shopping done. These khaki shorts are casual, sure, but they’re so versatile that they can match with just about anything you throw at them. That means if you’re on a budget, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Flat Front Walk Short – in Charleston Brick: The light, salmon-y color of Charleston Brick is perfect for summer—and perfect for anyone who needs a splash of color in a wardrobe full of whites, navies, and khakis.

Patch Madras Shorts in Flat Front: Sometimes you don’t want just a splash of color—you want a full cannon-ball-in-the-swimming pool to provide an interesting contrast with the rest of your outfit. Doing this artfully is difficult; unless you’re a fan of tastefully assembled madras, like the piece you see here. It’s colorful enough to look sharp—but not so colorful that you’ll be fined for holding up traffic.

Which should you choose? That depends entirely upon you and your needs. You might go with the versatile option, or you might look for something a little more colorful. Or you might need an overhaul—in which case, we recommend picking all three.

What to Pair with Your Khaki Shirts

What does one wear with khaki shorts in order to stay cool and look smart during spring and summer?

There are a few options, including button down shirts, polos, rugby shirts (for cooler days), and, when you need to get really casual, T-shirts.

Generally, it’s good to dress shorts “up” a little bit if you also want to dress smart. That means going with a buttoned shirt like a polo or a button down. You’ll also want to contrast your shirt’s color with the shorts—navy shorts, for example, will pair well with a slightly-patterned light shirt, while the Patch Madras Shorts will decorate a white button-down just fine.

For shoes, go sockless as much as possible and stick to sneakers, bucks, boat shoes—and avoid the extremes on either end, including sandals. Sandals might be beach-appropriate, but office or class-appropriate they are not.

Stick to these basic principles—and choose a good pair of khaki shorts—and you’ll have no problem looking every bit the well put-together dresser this spring and summer. Don’t worry; you won’t have to tell anyone how easy it was.
March 14, 2016 by Berle Editor
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