How to Pick the Perfect Tailored Trousers for New Job

Tailored Trousers
You’ve done it! After the resume-honing, the constant applications, the job interviews, the second interviews, the follow-up phone calls, and the big handshake, you’ve finally landed a job. Not only are you going to work in a professional setting, but you’re finally going to get a paycheck.

That’s when it hits you: you have absolutely nothing to wear.

Sure, there’s that one pair of trousers you took with you to the job interview. But if you’re going to spend every weekday at the office, someone’s going to notice if you never change pants. You’re going to need a pair of tailored trousers that won’t only look good around the office, but will look good in meetings. You need to dress to impress.

When only an immaculate fit will do, we recommend checking out our tailored trousers. Why? Not only will they give you an office-ready pair of pants that you can wear all the time, but when they’re tailored to your fit, they’ll be comfortable and fashionable. Here’s our tips for making your tailored trousers fit the first time:

First Things First: Pleated vs. Flat Front

When you browse the tailored trousers page, you can see that there are essentially two different types of pants to choose from: flat front and pleated. Here’s what you need to know about each in order to make the right decision for your needs:

  • Flat-front pants are more casual—and meant more for jobs that will include a lot of standing and walking. Because flat front pants lack pleats, they won’t have any extra fabric when you sit down—but they’ll fit very nicely and snugly when you stand up. This isn’t an impediment to sitting, but if you’re going to sit a lot all day in meetings, you might want to opt for…
  • Pleated pants. Pleated pants feature extra seems that allow you more fabric when you sit down, giving you a more complete silhouette.

Pick Your Color

There are a wide range of colors here at Berle, from khaki and charcoal to navy and black. You’ll have to pick the one that best suits the shirts you already own in your wardrobe—after all, it’s not about the color of pants alone, but about what you’ll be wearing with them.

How do you know which is best? Khaki tends to be the most versatile, as you can match just about anything with khaki. Navy is the most versatile after that, as it will pair well with grey, black, red, white—just about anything you can throw at it.

Make a Selection

Let’s say you employ that excellent taste of yours and choose Super 100s Gabardine Flat Front. How do you find the right fit? Try to find a current pair of pants you have and use a tape measure to make sure that you order the right rise, waist, and inseam. These are the three most important numbers to deal with. Once you have a proper fit and choose a color, you’re ready to order your trousers.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the most ideal trousers for your new job. As long as you pay attention to the finer details before you make a selection, you’ll avoid buyer’s remorse and show up to work on Monday with a pep in your step.