How to Buy Trousers For Someone Else as a Gift

Let’s be honest: most gifts stink. For father’s day, dads get one tie after another. For birthdays—gift cards that are one step above cash. And there’s nothing wrong with these gifts, but sometimes it’s great to think a little bit outside the proverbial box. After all, when’s the last time someone bought you a high quality pair of seersucker trousers?

But since buying someone a pair of pants is fraught with obstacles, we thought we’d make the process smoother for you with a few tips:

1. Buy them in the right size—even if it requires covert maneuvers.

The most difficult challenge about buying someone else new clothes? Getting the fit right. Sure, you might think you have the weight-guessing skills of a carnival performer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get the fit right on the first try.

The only way to do it right is to eliminate the guesswork. That means either sneaking a peek at your recipient’s clothing—while he’s not wearing them, of course—and taking a look at the basic size. Note: you might want to avoid looking through someone else’s wardrobe if they’re not a close friend or family member.

You can ditch the Jason Bourne moves and simply ask your mother or stepmother, if your gift is for your father. If you have no other option, do your best to guess. Once you’ve successfully completed your reconnaissance, enter in the basic information: waist size, inseam, etc. You can preview what you’ll need by checking out our Basic Flat Front Khakis. When in doubt, look for an online store with a generous return policy.

2. Don’t experiment with a bold new color.

As much as you might like to see your recipient venture outside the navy-khaki zone, let’s face it: there’s a good chance he doesn’t share your sartorial sense.

To make sure your gift will actually get worn, buy something safe and versatile: stone, khaki, navy, light blue, etc. There are plenty of options amongst our casual pants, for example, that your recipient will be happy to wear to work, to weekend get-togethers, etc.

If he doesn’t feel comfortable with the color, though, nothing’s going to convince him otherwise. Don’t waste your time.

Considering it’s not difficult to find a quality pair of pants for $300 or more, a quality pair of Berle trousers makes an ideal—and, from your end, frugal—gift.

3. Don’t be late.

You don’t have much time before Father’s Day on June 19th. But no matter what you’re buying the gift for—father’s day, a birthday, etc.—it’s important that you order it on time so that you can inspect the trousers for yourself before wrapping them up. Not only will this help you ensure quality, but it will leave you a small cushion to return the pants if there’s something wrong with them—and not have to scramble for another gift before the party.

While trousers make a great choice for Father’s Day, the truth is that buying a well-fitting pair of pants will always be a welcome gift—all year round.