How to Pick a Pair of Shorts for Almost Any Occasion

It might seem strange to recommend a pair of shorts for almost any occasion. True, for some occasions, only pants will do. Weddings, funerals, and many Sunday church services. But for the rest of the world you encounter this summer on a hot day, there can only be once choice: shorts are the only way to look good while staying remotely comfortable.

But comfort never trumps fashion; you have to find a happy medium in which you’re comfortable and you’re occasion-appropriate. That’s especially true for the more formal occasions and responsibilities you’ll face this summer that require a bit of dressing up.

So which shorts fit which situations? Let’s take a look at some of the shorts at Berle and see which ones might suit you best in differing circumstances:

Occasion: Formal Family Get-Together

Summer, like all seasons, is not without its holidays. Aside from family birthdays, you’ll be looking at family get-togethers for Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. That means you’ll want to look your summer best without roasting in your summer best—and for that we can recommend a specific pair of shorts that fits the bill:

These Khaki Basic Flat Front Shorts are casual enough to wear all day and still feel comfortable, yet dressy enough to fit with a nice button-down shirt or polo shirt and look your absolute best. If you want to up the dressiness for a family affair, you could always opt for the pleated option, of course. But we think you can squeeze a heck of a lot of versatility out of a good pair of flat front khaki shorts—especially considering how the light color does a lot to reflect sunlight all summer long.

Occasion: Beach Party

It wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the beach, of course, and if you’re not planning on getting in the water but rather planning on a picnic or a game of beach volleyball, these Patch Madras Short Pleated Shorts will do a lot to help you stand out from the crowd. The colors are a little more outside-the-box than the usual khaki, yet the basic theme won’t clash with your already-existing wardrobe of button-downs. They work well with white, navy, light blue, and a range of other basic wardrobe colors that most men have access to.

Occasion: The Date

If you want to dress up a bit but you don’t want to look too serious, it can be difficult to straddle that line. We think we have the solution. These Prime Poplin Short Pleated Shorts are perfect for dressing up to go to a restaurant or a formal event without wearing trousers but not sacrificing any of the dressiness along the way. Wear them with a collared shirt and you’ll fit in just about anywhere where there’s a dress code.

Summer doesn’t have to be a season of sartorial challenges—it’s meant to be enjoyed. Acquire just a few of these pieces for your wardrobe and you’re sure to fit in anywhere and feel comfortable all the while.