Changing Seasons: The wardrobe items you will need for fall

The word “fall” means very different things, depending where you’re from.

In the northern sections of the country, “fall” is a definite trend toward the inevitable snow and ice of winter. In many of the southern sections of the country, “fall” is merely a good excuse to switch to long sleeves.

But no matter where you live—and how chilly it gets—you’ve got to be ready for the weather to take a chillier turn once in a while. And with the dog days of summer upon us, it’s time to examine your wardrobe and update it for the new season.

Trade in the Shorts for Pants

The most obvious change in your wardrobe will be the switch from shorts to pants. The younger you are, the more likely it is that you were able to get away with wearing shorts all summer long; the feel of fabric on your lower leg might seem a bit alien.

But which trousers to pick? There’s a general rule that says not to wear white or light blues after Labor Day, but we respectfully disagree: if the weather’s still hot, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear trousers of a lighter color to stave off the heat.

However, fall is a great time to switch to khaki as well. Khaki is still a light color, though, so feel free to consider a wider range of colors for fall. Autumn-flavored chinos (your browns, deep yellows, maroons, pumpkins, etc.) will fit in perfectly if you live in an area where the leaves are quickly changing.

And since we can assume that you don’t necessarily have time to buy an entirely new set of shoes, here are some advice for making trousers work with summer shoes:

  • Suede bucks can pair well with trousers of many types. You can keep the sockless look if it’s not too cold outside as well
  • No reason to toss out those boat shoes, either. Wear them sockless or with a fun patterned sock
  • Experiment with canvas belts to match your shoes with the belt

Adding a New Layer

There’s an old saying that there is no weather that people can’t handle without the appropriate clothing. You’ll find that even as fall arrives, you can get away without a jacket for a while with some effective layering:

  • A cardigan makes a great warm outer layer that works with a variety of inner layers left over from summer, including polos and oxford cloth
  • Add a V-neck sweater to your wardrobe and you’ll be able to layer for extra warmth with just about anything, from collared shirts to simple tees
  • Toss on a sweatshirt to make a more formal outfit casual; this is great especially if you’re going to spend time at casual outdoor parties where the air is a bit chilly

Truth be told, making the transition from summer to autumn doesn’t require a wardrobe overhaul. It just requires knowledge of layering some new items with a few of your more versatile summer clothes. Of course, if you live in a cooler climate, you know that the transition to cold weather doesn’t end there—but that’s a post for another day.