What to Wear to a Labor Day Party

It’s almost Labor Day, and for many people—particularly those who are readying for winter in a cold climate—that means the unfortunate end of summer. But with this three-day weekend upon us, everyone is wondering what to wear to the obligatory Labor Day party. After all, you have to make the most of every day off you can get.

But what to wear to the Labor Day party? Is it still summer, or has Labor Day become the unofficial beginning of fall? It can be a little confusing, which is why we put together a few tips for heading to your Labor Day party with the pitch-perfect outfit.

“Don’t Wear White After Labor Day”

This is one of the most oft-repeated axioms in the world of fashion. But does it hold up? There’s really nothing wrong with wearing white after Labor Day, particularly if you live in a place where the sun is just as hot on September 15th as it was on August 15th. Of course, it’s not only the temperature that drives fashion: people are simply getting into the autumn spirit, which means a change of clothes.

We think that means you should squeeze every ounce of summer you can out of Labor Day, and that means wearing white. A light pair of cotton chinos like our Charleston Khakis is perfect for that. Match them with a canvas or brown belt to add a pop of color and you’ll look every bit the “summer” part. After all, there’s still one weekend technically left.

Top it Off

If you really want to get the most out of your wardrobe before Labor Day comes and goes, then you can pair those Charleston Khakis with a white oxford cloth button down shirt or even a white polo. If that feels like too much, try to keep the summer theme with colors like salmon or light blue. You can add more color to the outfit with bracelets, canvas-strapped watches, as well as matching shoe-and-belt combinations.

If your Labor Day party is a little more formal than that, then you can add a navy blazer. Navy is one of those colors that seems to be ubiquitous no matter the season, which means you’ll get away with it on the last day of summer without a problem.

Break a Few Rules 

If you ask us, just because it’s Labor Day doesn’t mean it’s time to put away every white article of clothing in your wardrobe quite yet. You can keep a white OCBD in the closet for layering, white Charleston Khakis for to be paired with autumn colors, and even those white sneakers that seem to pop the most in summer. And if any fashion guru has a problem with it, tell them that it’s not officially fall until the autumnal equinox—September 23rd. Some of us like summer—and we’re not quite so ready to let go of it, yet.

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