5 Essential Men’s Summer Shoes

Summer brings sunshine, heat, and humidity, and the last thing you want is for your feet to sweat up a storm in the wrong footwear. Your shoes can round out your outfits and ensure you feel comfortable whether you're strolling around town or heading to the beach on a warm summer day. Let's break down some of the most essential men's summer shoes.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are a mainstay of men’s summer fashion, and there’s a good reason for that – they pair perfectly with many different types of summer apparel, like shorts, linen T-shirts, button-downs, and even aloha shirts.

Indeed, you can wear white sneakers when meeting your friends, when going out for a casual date, and even when going to school if you are in college. White sneakers should be kept relatively clean, however, as any scuffs or dirt from sand or roadways will build up over time. Don’t forget to clean your white sneakers regularly to avoid this.

Knitted Sneakers

Knitted sneakers will also be important shoes for men in any summer. They're perfect workout shoes. The knitted material will help your feet breathe and not sweat too much while you run or do any other workout. You can wear them outdoors or you can wear them in an indoor gym – it’s all up to you.

Even better, many knitted sneakers are available in different styles and colors, like black, gray, etc. Odds are you can find a pair of knitted sneakers that fit with your workout outfit or stylistic preferences from your favorite footwear retailers.

Leather Sandals

When summer gets into full swing, odds are you’ll want to walk around without having to encase your feet in sweaty socks. That’s where leather sandals come in. Leather sandals are the perfect footwear when the temperature is just too hot for anything else, or if you know that you’ll be slipping your feet in and out of shoes frequently over the next few hours

Say that you head to the beach with your friends for some time in the sun and some water activities. You should wear your leather sandals to the beach instead of donning other shoes. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend more time taking off and putting on your shoes and socks instead of slipping off sandals and jumping right into the water.

Sandals are especially good for activities near water since they’ll dry out more quickly compared to other footwear. Choose leather sandals made of high-quality materials for extra durability and style points. The best leather sandals will barely need any maintenance or polishing to look great. Just be sure to choose sandals that come with extra foot support if you plan to walk long distances in them.

Penny Loafers

Then there are penny loafers. These are designed specifically for summer weddings or for holding a business meeting outdoors in a humid environment. These smart yet comfortable shoes are adaptable and versatile, so they are perfect complements to a business casual style or aesthetic. These come in a variety of different colors and materials, but your staple shades of black and brown are suitable for most situations.

You can pair your penny loafers with cool, comfortable linen pants, like these Classic Linen Pants from Berle. These trousers in particular might be perfect for semi-casual get-togethers with your friends or family members, or even more casual/less formal weddings and other events.

Luxe Espadrilles

What about when you want to keep your feet cool but don’t want to wear sandals or get rocks stuck in between your toes? Luxe Espadrilles could be just the ticket. These comfortable lounging shoes are ideal for transitioning from an indoor environment, like a bar or hotel room, to the sandy beaches of a vacation resort without skipping a stylistic step.

You can wear Luxe Espadrilles in a variety of social occasions and environments. As “resortwear,” they’re ideal for wearing around the hotel while on summer vacation or while strolling around a beach town with your friends. Pair them with seersucker pants that will keep you cool and comfortable, plus a collared shirt, and you’ll look put together and highly stylish without seeming stuffy or formal.

Wrap Up

So long as you have a pair of each of the five types of essential men’s summer shoes in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready for any outdoor or indoor social gathering or special occasion. When it comes time to pair those issues with the right legwear, look no further than Berle’s extensive selection of casual pants