The Modern Man's Guide to Dress Denim

Denim is known far and wide as one of the most versatile fabrics there is. It can be dressed up with a sport coat to create a sort of "casual suit," or it can be dressed down with a plain T-shirt. As long as the fit is right, denim rarely looks anything but casual and classic.

But what if you're looking for a hint of denim in something a little more upscale? Then you need to turn to dress denim. This 100% cotton version of denim is a step above what most people are used to and can be ordered in a "self-sizing" version that will ensure a great fit even if you purchase it online.

Why should you want to add dress denim to your wardrobe? We thought you'd never ask.

The Many Uses of Dress Denim

Think of dress denim as essentially the same thing as denim with just a few tweaks. First, it tends to run the same dark blue as most regular denim jeans you'll find on the market, which means that you won't have to worry about adopting an entirely new color palette in order to accommodate a new pair of dress denim trousers.

Second, dress denim is meant to be worn as part of a suit, or anything you might wear that suggests the occasion requires something a bit more formal than the usual T-shirt-and-jeans como.

This means that dress denim comes with a high amount of versatility, including: 

  • Wearing with a suit
  • Pairing with a sport coat or blazer
  • Pairing with button-up or button-down shirts

With that kind of versatility in tow, you'll be capable of putting together outfits for important business meetings, formal events, and everything else down to heading out on the town or enjoying a casual day at work.

Building Outfits with Dress Denim

You've seen some of our suggestions for pairing what you already own in your closet with dress denim. The truth is, the combinations you can wear with dress denim are endless thanks to the versatility of the color and the texture of the fabric itself.

It's always a good idea to keep some basic style principles in mind, however. Remember that you'll want to pick colors for your accessories that are both consistent (think: the old rule of matching your shoes to your belt) and stand out a little from the dress denim itself. This means that both brown and black accessories will work well with dress denim, as will tan and khaki additions. If you feel like getting bold with your choice of a top (such as a pink button-down shirt), these accessories will help bring the outfit together.

Of course, the number one rule in style is the fit, which means you'll want to ensure that your dress denim is the right size. Check out our self-sizer to make sure that your order fits like a glove the first time.