How to Use Self-Sizing for the Perfect Fit

It’s the thorn in the side of anyone who’s ever shopped online before.

We’re talking, of course, about fit. If you don’t get your fit right, you’ll have to try something on, grumble in disappointment, and send it back to the online shop—usually at a cost to you. Then you hope that the exchanged item they send you is a much better fit, because if it isn’t, then you’re starting to get up to your knees in return fees.

There has to be a better way to make sure that your clothes fit before you buy them.

At Berle, we have such a way: the Self-Sizer. All of the self-sizing trousers you see there allow you to enter in your fit details exactly so you won’t have to wonder whether or not you’ll have to return your next pair of trousers. When you get the size right the first time, you can enjoy a pair of pants that fits snugly and comfortably—without all the return fees.

First Things First: Get Your Size

The easiest way to learn all of your individual dimensions would be to head to the nearest tailor and ask them to write down all of the pertinent trouser numbers, including:

  • Rise
  • Waist
  • Inseam

Once you have these numbers, you can simply enter in what you need into the Self-Sizer trouser of your choice and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have that kind of tailor nearby, then the second-best option is to find a tape measure and a pair of pants that already fits you well. Measure the rise, inseam, and waist of those pants. It’s tempting to use the manufacturer’s numbers for these, but remember that sometimes these can be deceiving, so always double check.

Now that you know what numbers you need, it’s time to find a pair of pants you like.

Getting the Fit Right Online with Berle

Head over to this Microfiber Self Sizer Flat Front page to see how it all works.

There, you can select a color you like, as well as the rise, waist, and inseam—all numbers that you gathered in the previous section. You’ll also notice an extra option: the “bottom finish.” This isn’t a measurement. It’s actually a choice between a “cuffed” pant—the kind that looks folded at the end—or a “finished hem,” which simply means that the pants end on a hem the same way any pant would if the cuff were unfolded. This is entirely up to you as a style choice, though if you have short legs a cuff never hurts.

Today’s online brands usually offer a “fit guide,” but rarely do they offer the kind of customization you’ll see here. That’s why it’s important to buy trousers from someone you know you can trust when it comes to fit—that the numbers you’re putting in are the same as the numbers you receive when you get your trousers. It might seem like a simple thing, but avoiding all of the hassle of online returns is worth it.