The Best Charleston Khakis

The most important question when it comes to buying the best khakis this year: which pair is right for you? There are thousands of versions of khakis out there. You need something that will be versatile, dressy-yet-casual, able to handle the spring and summer heat when it rolls around—something that will match just about anything you already have in your wardrobe so you don’t need to invest in a completely new set of clothes.

Our answer? Nothing short of the world’s best: Charleston khakis.

Charleston is something of the capital of authentic southern style, which is why we take particular pride in the best Charleston khakis that bear its name. But there are a lot of options to sift through there, and not every single one of them will line up with you and your sartorial goals in 2016. Let’s clear that up by going through the situations you can expect this year and recommending a purchase that lines up with your specific goals:

    • Slushy spring day at the office: Charleston Khakis Washed Canvas Flat Front. Just because the weather might turn warmer in the spring doesn’t mean you always get to spend your time outdoors. You’ll need something that can take you from the car to the office and feel just as good at any stage. Opt for the pleated version of these khakis if you spend a lot of time at an office desk and need your pants to feel comfortable when you’re seated.
    • Spring Break: Charleston Khakis Charleston Brick – Flat Front. “Charleston Brick” is a soft, subtle color somewhere between pink and light red—it’s perfect for standing out from the inevitable spring break crowds and just as good for dressing up when you head out at night to hang out with friends. The flat front is the casual option, perfect if you’re going to do a lot of time standing and walking—and for spring break, that’s usually the name of the game. If it’s too hot or trousers are too “office” for your particular spring break, opt for the Charleston Khaki Charleston Brick Flat Front Shorts
    • Summer Vacation: Charleston Khakis Cotton/Tancel – Flat Front. For a college student, summer vacation means three months of working or relaxing—or a little bit of both. You’ll need a lighter pair of khakis that will reflect the heat all summer long, allowing you to stay as cool as possible. And if you do need to spend a lot of your time working, these khakis are a particularly versatile option that will last you all the way through Labor Day—and, if you’re a little fashion-forward, well beyond then.
    • Year-round Charleston style: Charleston Khakis Dress Khaki Flat Front. It’s versatile, but it’s not white. It’s casual, but it’s dressy enough for work. It’s, quite simply, the single most useful pair of Charleston khakis you can possibly own. If any of the above situations doesn’t describe where you’ll be in 2016, this is where you should land.

Of course, the best Charleston khakis that you see here aren’t the only highlights of what we offer in 2016. Continue browsing through all of our casual pant options to find the perfect pair for you.