Performance Dress Khakis

We all like to look our best, whether we’re interviewing for a big job or giving a big presentation. And looking good usually involves a pair of dress pants along the lines of khakis—something smart, professional, and versatile enough to match just about any suit or blazer.

But if you’re not used to khakis, we understand if they feel a little “stuffy.” When you’re wearing khakis, you’re at the office or some networking event—you’re not lounging around the house.

This has given rise to the false belief that khakis are somehow an uncomfortable, “dressy” pant that allows no functionality or performance whatsoever.

Usually, you’d be right.

But you haven’t met our performance dress khakis yet.

What separates performance dress khakis from the usual dress khakis? Performance dress khakis are for the “everyman” who doesn’t like to feel as though he’s dressed too stuffy on a regular basis—the man who wants to kick back. Here’s how our performance dress khakis accomplish that:

  • Wrinkle and stain resistance. If, on the spectrum of “clean” to “slob,” you tend toward the latter of the spectrum, you never feel like wearing fancy pants. You figure you’ll just get a ketchup stain on them. Or they’ll end up on the floor in your bedroom, acquiring a wrinkled look that never seems to iron itself out. Performance dress khakis are tougher than their casual counterparts, giving you more freedom to be you.
  • Relaxed fit. If there’s anything the ordinary guy needs in today’s age of skinny legs and slim fits, it’s a relaxed fit that’s comfortable to wear all day long. If all goes according to plan, you’ll sit in your khakis, stand in them, walk in them, have lunch in them, and ride in your car. You need a pair of khakis that will feel as comfortable as possible in each and every situation.
  • Split waistband. Speaking of relaxed fit, the split waistband allows you to sit down after a heavy meal without feeling like your pants are about to split. That makes for a more adaptable pair of performance dress khakis.

Now that you know what they do, let’s introduce you to your options:

Performance Dress Khaki Flat Front: With five different colors to choose from, you can find a pair that will match the comfortable office wear you already have in your wardrobe. The flat front look is a little more casual, which makes it ideal for going from the office to the house without skipping a beat.

Performance Dress Khaki Pleated: If you’ve been following our blog, you know that pleated pants make for a more presentable silhouette when seated, which is perfect for anyone who needs to sit at a lot of conference tables and desks for their chosen career.

Your options aren’t limited to just these khakis, however. You’ll find a plethora of casual, high-performance pants simply by browsing around Berle’s full collection today.