Add the Soft Touch of Corduroy to Your Wardrobe

The majority of male clothing is comprised of a handful of fabrics: denim for jeans and some jackets, wool for some warmer clothing, and linen for summertime shirts and shorts. However, there’s another fabric you might be unfairly excluding from your closet.

Corduroy is a classic trouser and jacket material that's great for winter wear, including fitted trousers, thick jackets, and more. Let’s break down how you can add the soft touch of corduroy to your wardrobe in style!

The Comforts of Corduroy Explained

Corduroy is a warm, soft, ultimately comfortable fabric featuring a unique, lined pattern that you can’t find anywhere else. Due to its weight and feel, corduroy is a phenomenal fabric for the cooler autumn and winter months – in fact, the very name “corduroy” comes from the words “woolen cloth” in the 18th century.

On top of its warmth and aesthetic benefits, corduroy is also highly desired for trousers and jackets thanks to its durability. When properly washed and cared for, corduroy clothing will last for years to come.

We’ve expanded our offerings for corduroy trousers, including the new 8 Wale Cord corduroy trousers that provide a phenomenal feel and look. The corduroy fabric used for these new pants is far superior to typical corduroy, and is sourced from the world-renowned Italian mill, Duca Visconti. Each pair of trousers from this new line is also available in five colors.

Why Use Corduroy?

Corduroy as a fabric is great for trousers, jackets, and even certain overshirts. You can and should wear corduroy when you need something:

  • Warm
  • Durable
  • Classy

Due to its aesthetic, corduroy looks a little higher class than many other comparable fabrics. At the same time, it doesn't look so formal that you're barred from wearing it to the bar or to a friend’s house. All in all, corduroy is a versatile, comfortable fabric perfect for new pants for the winter months.

How to Wear Corduroy with Style

While corduroy might be great, how you wear it matters just as much as wearing it at all. Let’s break down how you can wear corduroy in style, regardless of your event, theme, or fashion level.

Corduroy Colors

First up, consider the colors of corduroy pants or jackets before purchasing. Good news: Corduroy looks great in practically any shade, ranging from bright hues to pastel colors to earthy shades and dark tones. You can pick corduroy pants that go with the rest of your wardrobe reactively, making shopping for corduroy trousers relatively easy!

Some of the most popular corduroy pants colors include red, orange, purple, yellow, and even blue. If you want corduroy pants more suited for a business setting, try to look for trousers in colors like black, cream, navy, and so on.

Casual Corduroy

You can certainly wear corduroy trousers to casual get-togethers like hangouts with your friends or a date to the movie theater. Casual corduroy pants pair well with fitted jackets or hoodies, especially with some nice boots.

When it comes to wearing corduroy casually, brighter colors are usually on-point compared to many of the more serious, traditionally masculine dark tones.

Semi-Formal Corduroy Trousers

Semi-formal occasions like cocktail parties are where corduroy trousers really shine. They also pair well with other semi-formal clothing articles, such as plaid shirts, collared shirts, or button-downs.

When combined with a good-looking watch and a scarf, you’ll look classy and ready to party when you show up to your semi-formal event.  Berle’s 8 Wale Luxury Italian Corduroy Pleated pants could be a great fit for most semi-formal occasions.

Wearing Business Formal Corduroy

You can even wear corduroy pants in business formal environments. However, you’ll want to choose corduroy trousers in neutral tones like navy or beige. A good rule of thumb when putting together a formal wardrobe is to not have over three colors between your legwear and upper wear.

Berle’s 8 Wale Luxury Italian Corduroy Flat Front pants are perfect for most workplace meetings or business get-togethers. They also come in colors like black, navy, and more.

Combine quality formal corduroy pants with a double-breasted blazer, a collared business shirt, and similar articles to look great and feel comfortable while at work.

Shop for Comfortable and Versatile Corduroy

Corduroy pants bring comfort, warmth, and style to your wardrobe all at the same time. Even better, Berle’s new line of high-quality Italian corduroy pants makes for top-tier choices for the winter season. Try Berle’s corduroy pants today and you’ll see exactly what we mean!