Best Casual Slacks for Working from Home

Remote work isn’t going away – and that could be a good thing! Many men find that they are more productive and have more time to spend on their hobbies when they work remotely. But as we settle into a new standard for workplace attire, you can’t forget that you still have to wear appropriate pants while “at work.”

But what should you wear? Jeans aren’t exactly workplace attire for most companies. Let’s break down some of the best casual slacks for working from home that you can use for your outfits on work days.

What Makes Pants Good for Working from Home?

Anyone who is successful working from home will tell you the same thing: you have to dress for the work you plan to do, not for where you are. If you spend all day lounging around in sweatpants or pajamas, your productivity will crash and you won’t be presentable for any video conferencing meetings you might be scheduled for.

That said, your work from home pants don't have to be formal. In fact, they can be casual yet classy enough to work as slacks in a more relaxed office environment. Therefore, the ideal working from home slacks will be:

  • Comfortable
  • Well fitted (which ties into comfort, of course)
  • Suitable for a workplace environment (i.e. in a neutral color)

If you dress for success, you’ll feel more productive while working from home and you’ll look great if you ever have a videoconferencing meeting. Now let’s break down some specific examples.

Charleston Khakis – All-Around Greats

Who can go wrong with classy Charleston khakis? Charleston khakis are perhaps the go-to workplace slacks for many men. These iconic trousers were actually first used in the military, but now they are casual and high-quality trousers for men in any workplace environment.

Berle’s Charleston khakis are just as good for your at-home wardrobe as they are for your in-office wardrobe. You can get Charleston khakis with washed fabric, stretch canvas, stretch twill, and other textures or fabrics depending on how much you want to prioritize stretchiness, a certain color and texture, or other factors.

Aim for Comfort with Stretch Corduroy

You might not immediately think of stretch corduroy as an ideal material for your work from home trousers, but you'd be wrong! Corduroy is super comfortable and perfect for looking presentable while also relaxing in a little more comfort than you would in a regular office.

Plus, the right corduroy will offer extreme durability, excellent comfort, and good stretchiness all-in-one. Berle’s 14 Wale Stretch Corduroy comes from fine Italian corduroy makers and in a variety of colors like charcoal, dark olive, and more. There’s sure to be a perfect color of corduroy pants that goes well with your workday shirts.

Keep it Classy with Poplin Pants

Alternatively, you could go with Poplin pants. Poplin pants are trousers that feature a rich woven style and texture that is both comfortable and classy at the same time. These trousers, because of their source fabric, feel both light and durable.

As such, they are perfect for business casual events, whether you are at the office, at home lounging on your couch, or ready for a meeting at your kitchen table. Berle’s Poplin Pants are perfect examples of the style and comfort that these unique tailored trousers can bring to your work attire. Try Self-Sizer pants for a more relaxed fit and a bit more flexibility in the hips. Naturally, many Poplin pants come in workplace colors like beige and navy.

Can’t Go Wrong with Chinos

Chinos are made of chino cloth, which is a type of 100% cotton twill fabric. These versatile trousers are perfect for casual workplace meet-ups and for working from home. In fact, they may be ideal if you plan to meet some of your workplace buddies or your boss outside of the home from time to time.

Even better, chinos come in tons of different colors ranging from olive green to navy to brown to black and more. You can find chinos in lighter colors as well, so they might be perfect if your complexion looks better with lighter trousers.

As you can see, there are plenty of quality yet casual slacks that men can use as workplace pants even if they are working from home. These pants are comfortable and classy enough to impress the boss or remain professional even across a videoconferencing screen. Check out Berle for more trouser options today!