What To Look For In The Best Dress Pants For Men

Is any pair of men’s dress pants good enough to buy? It depends on what you can find in the details. It’s the details that make the small differences that add up to a big change in the way you feel and look. If you’re not sure what to look for when shopping the best dress pants for men, here are a few details to start.

Detail #1: Fabric

Be honest: when’s the last time you really scrutinized your clothes’ materials? It’s important to know that your pants’ fabric can be more than just a small detail. It can make the difference between a pair of pants that feels comfortable and cozy and one that just feels a bit “off.”

The next time you browse for men’s dress pants, be sure to read the label or product description to get a sense of the fabric. Look for high-quality materials like 100% worsted wool, as with our Super 100’s Gabardine Flat Front Pants.

Detail #2: Hem

The inseam of your pants is no insignificant detail—it will largely determine whether you walk around in a well-fitting pair of trousers or if the fabric goes down the back end of your shoe. You don’t want that. But there’s more you can do than just guess at an inseam. Be sure to explore options like complimentary hemming to make sure that you get the pants that fit your leg just right—especially if it’s hard to find pants in your length. We’re talking to all you big and tall guys out there.

Detail #3: Fit

Maybe “fit” itself is no small detail. But when you shop online, be sure to read the product descriptions to get a sense of the style of the fit as well. For example, a “traditional fit” will tend to give you more room and wider legs than a “slim fit.”

Getting the fit right is all up to your individual needs. Do men’s dress pants tend to be wide and billowy on you? Then look for a slim fit. If not, stick to traditional.

Detail #4: Color

Although the color might seem anything except a minor detail, don’t forget that there’s one aspect of your trouser color you’ll want to get right: how well it fits in your wardrobe. For example, if you already have two pairs of khaki-colored chino pants, is it necessary to get another one? Try thinking outside the box with colors like stone, navy, or light blue. Look at the dress shirts you already own and try to find a color that will fit in an already-existing wardrobe.

Detail #5: Quality

How do you tell quality when it comes to the best men’s dress pants? By looking at the small touches of a quality men’s dress trouser. For example, a brass metal zipper is a nice, classic touch. An Italian waistband adds style to your overall look. And you’ll find these details in the high-quality tailored trousers available here at Berle, where we make sure no detail is overlooked in the pursuit of stylish, classic men’s dress pants.