Best Jeans for Men’s Body Type

The perfect pair of jeans can complete an outfit and make you ready for everything from a casual date to a cocktail party to a semiformal gathering. But like with all outfit pieces, the type and fit of jeans you purchase will depend on whether they work for your overall body type or not.

Not sure which jeans are best for your body type? Let us help by breaking down the different types of jeans available and matching them to different men’s body types.

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The Types of Jeans You’ll Find at Retailers

Before we can recommend some specific jeans for your unique body type, we need to break down what kinds of jeans you can purchase to begin with. Typically, you’ll find jeans separated into a few different fits or styles, including:

  • Skinny jeans. These offer a very tight fit and tapered leg openings
  • Slim jeans. This fit is slimmer than regular jeans but not as skinny as dedicated skinny jeans
  • Regular jeans. Are fairly straight in shape and fit. In fact, the bottom of the trouser legs should fall straight from the knee to the hem
  • Relaxed jeans. Offer a looser fit from the waist to the leg opening
  • Loose jeans. Are baggier than average and offer lots of extra room in your legs and butt

No one type of these jeans are better than the other, but the names alone should give you a hint as to which types of jeans will be best for your body type.

Jeans also differ based on their rise. The rise is essentially the distance from the crotch of a pair of jeans to the top of their waistband. Rise types include:

  • High rise jean. Ideal for larger fellas since they are worn above the bellybutton in most cases. Also called long rise jeans, as we offer with some of our Berle jeans
  • Mid-rise jeans. These are better if you like to tuck your shirts into your trousers. Also called regular rise jeans, as shown with these denim trousers
  • Low rise jeans. Are casual and relaxed and are typically worn below the bellybutton
  • Low crotch jeans. Are worn even lower on the waist

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Matching Jeans Types to Body Types

Now that you know the kinds of jeans you can purchase from retailers like Berle, we can break down some of the best jeans styles according to body types and weights.

Skinny Guys

Skinny guys, naturally, should wear skinny jeans. These trousers will emphasize your height while simultaneously minimizing just how skinny you actually are. It’s a counterintuitive concept, but it works every time. Try to find skinny jeans with either low or mid-rises to avoid looking older or old-fashioned.

Larger Men

Larger guys can wear slim jeans, although they need to be sized appropriately. As with skinny jeans, slim jeans can emphasize your height for the better.

But larger men can also benefit from regular or relaxed fit jeans. These may feel a little more comfortable than slimmer jeans but, presuming you have the physique to back it up, can also make you seem even larger than you are. Try to avoid skinny jeans as if they will likely be too tight for comfort and make you look a little ridiculous.

Chubby Fellas

If you have a few extra pounds, you can’t go wrong with relaxed or loose jeans. We’d recommend looking for jeans that have mid or high-rises, which allow you to either keep your shirt tucked or untucked and which will hide some of the belly fat.

Regular jeans can also work, though it heavily depends on their fit. The big thing to remember if you carry around a little extra weight is to avoid wearing jeans that emphasize that weight, which can really bring down your entire outfit’s look.

Long-Legged Guys

Tall guys who have most of their height from the length of their legs rather than their torsos or necks can’t go wrong with slim or skinny jeans for the same reasons mentioned above. You should also aim for rises ranging from low to medium, although you can also wear low crotch jeans better than perhaps anyone else.

Short Men

If you’re on the shorter side, go with mid-rise jeans at most (as anything higher will make you look even shorter than you already are). You should similarly stay away from loose or relaxed jeans, as this can make your legs look stumpy.

Instead, wear skinny or slim jeans, or go for regular jeans if you like to tuck in your shirt.

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There you have it! As you can see, there’s a pair of jeans for every man, regardless of his build or body weight. Feel free to use the above page as a basic guide you can use when buying new trousers from your favorite retailer. Check out Berle’s full selection of denim jeans for even more options.

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