6 of the Best Outfits for Dads

Dad fashion gets a bad rap for no good reason! Who says that you have to drop your fashion game as soon as you have a kid or two? Truth be told, there are lots of ways to rock a great style as a dad. Whether you want to buy your father some quality clothes to upgrade his wardrobe or are looking to reinvent your aesthetic as a dad yourself, you've come to the right place. Let's break down six of the best dad outfits in detail. Or, if you’re ready to get shopping, view the tailored collection by Berle. Complimentary hemming is always included with every purchase.

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What Makes a Dad Outfit Top-Tier?

Before we dive in, however, let’s answer a key question: what exactly is a good dad outfit? A quality dad outfit should be:

  • Comfortable – you’re long past the age for caring about uncomfortable clothes
  • Classy – a good dad outfit should reflect your maturity and refined tastes
  • Stylish – the right dad outfit will also showcase your fashion sense, which might just be a little behind the times (but not much)

Managing this balance is a lot easier than you may expect, especially since many of the required articles are probably already in your wardrobe.

1.      College Dad

Are you a college professor or do you simply like the aesthetic of educators? In that case, you can put together a college dad outfit. Start with a collared blazer, some quality tailored slacks, and a good belt and you’re good to go!

Remember that your slacks and jacket should be complementary colors to sell this aesthetic. For example, a dark brown coat might go with forest green slacks. Or you can do a dark brown collared jacket (with a vest underneath) plus tailored gray slacks, like Berle’s Men’s Flannel Pants.

2.      90s Dad

Is your style stuck in the 90s? Why not lean into it and go for a 90s dad aesthetic? This is fairly easy to accomplish with the following pieces:

  • Dark-colored pants and/or jeans
  • White sneakers
  • A light-colored button-down shirt in a shade like white, light blue, or something else
  • Don’t forget a baseball cap and shades!

This is a perfect outfit for hanging around at home or attending PTA conferences.

3.      Casual Dad

The casual dad aesthetic is also a classic. Fortunately, it’s also fairly modern! You can put together a casual dad outfit by combining a sweater or jacket with a T-shirt or polo shirt. Then just slip on some comfortable jeans or shorts, and you're ready for errands with the Mrs. or hanging out with your buds at the bar.

You can elevate this outfit a little bit by wearing clean, modern shoes like converse or quality sneakers.

4.      BBQ Dad

Having a backyard barbecue? You know you need to wear the uniform for the occasion! That means:

  • A colored shirt, preferably with a funny joke or image on the front
  • Alternatively, a tank top
  • Comfortable shorts
  • Sandals and sunglasses to finish up the outfit

For added points (and humor), consider an apron to store your condiments, spatulas, and other accessories you need when you man the grill.

5.      Summer Dad

When the sun’s out, your summer dad outfit should also be out! The key here is to look relaxed and comfortable. Try a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, especially a collared or polo shirt (just don’t tuck it in unless you want your kids to make fun of you).

You should also consider some tailored slacks, though in a material other than wool so your legs don’t become overheated. A good watch and sunglasses will make you look much more put together than you might feel.

6.      Stylish Dad

Need to up your style game for an upcoming formal event? A suit and matching trousers will go a long way.

Just be sure to pick up the right slacks for the occasion. Quality tailored slacks, like Berle’s Wool Tropical Plain Weave Slacks, are prime choices due to their durability and classic appeal. Remember that your suit should be in a color like navy, gray, or brown.

Then finish up your outfit with the best watch in your collection, a leather belt, and potentially a pocket square, depending on how formal the upcoming event is supposed to be.

Upgrade Your Look with Berle

At the end of the day, a dad outfit is the perfect blend of comfort, class, and style. Fortunately, there are many more choices than you may have initially thought! Try putting together some of these outfit ideas and you’ll be amazed at just how well you look – and how much more attractive your significant other finds you! Remember, complimentary hemming is always included with your purchase.

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