Best Pants for Winter Golfing

A little cold weather won’t keep you from heading out to enjoy a few golf games with your buddies, right? In fact, winter golfing can be quite fun, offering fresh air and the incentive to keep things brisk and efficient lest you all get a bit too cold!

But if you plan to go winter golfing, you'll need to make sure you have great winter golfing gear. The best pants for winter golfing can complete your outfit and help keep you warm while you hit a hole in one.

Let’s break down how you can identify the best pants for winter golfing. 

Materials for Winter Trousers

Winter trousers come in a variety of materials, and some of them will be better for golfing (and the range of motion it requires) than others.


First up is fleece: a highly popular golfing pants material since it is warm, stylish, and relatively flexible. Indeed, you can find fleece golfing pants not only for winter golfing but also for spring golfing.


You might also consider microfiber pants, which are usually made out of polyester. Microfiber polyester is supremely comfortable and flexible, meaning you don’t need to worry about feeling a twinge of discomfort whenever you make a big swing.

Microfiber pants are great choices due to their comfort, flexibility, and durability. They’re not as tough as wool, necessarily, but they’re still quite durable and don’t need to be replaced  often.

Polyester and Elastane Blends

You may decide to go with pants that feature a different polyester blend. Polyester blended with elastane is extra stretchy and is perfect for guys who like to swing hard and twist their waists massively when going for long-shots.

Is Wool a Good Material?

Winter wear is oftentimes made of wool, but wool pants may not be the best choice for golfing. Why? Simply put, wool trousers are heavier and may be a little too stiff for golfing comfort, even though they will certainly be warm and stylish. If you want to maximize your performance at your golf game, you may want to opt for a different, more flexible material.

Additional Features for Winter Golf

Aside from material, you’ll also want to choose winter golfing trousers that have a few other major aspects or elements.


The ideal winter golfing pants will be suitably stretchy. Golfing involves twisting movements, so you’ll want to consider pants that will allow flexibility. Reasonably stretchy pants will help you feel comfortable and capable in the middle of your golf game. Plus, stretchy pants won’t rub uncomfortably against your hip bones, which can happen with trousers made of certain materials or with heavy belts.


Don’t forget that a big part of golfing attire is style! The best golfing pants will come in dark, masculine colors, and may even have slick stripes that run down each leg. However, what counts as “stylish” to you may be different from what we expect.

Bottom line: Try to find winter golfing pants that are the right color and aesthetic for the rest of your golfing ensemble. That way, they’ll look like they fit with your outfit overall!


Lastly, make sure your golfing pants are suitably waterproof. When winter golfing, you may encounter light snow or rain, and you might have to stomp through a bit of snow to complete your game. Waterproof pants will prevent you from getting too wet or cold in the middle of your match.

What Are Ideal Pants for Winter Golfing?

The best pants for winter golfing will vary from man to man, but we believe Berle’s Microfiber Performance Trousers and Microfiber Self Sizer Pants are top-tier for similar reasons.

The Microfiber Performance Trousers feature a flat front and regular rise. They're made of durable, comfortable microfiber polyester and have a traditional fit that sits straight on the hips and thighs. Most importantly, they are both water and stain-resistant, making them great for golfing even when the weather is against you.

The Microfiber Self Sizer Pants, on the other hand, feature a more relaxed fit and have a self-sizer waistband that can extend up to 2 inches for extra comfort. They’re also water and stain resistant, so they hit all the major points for top-tier golf pants.

Whether you want to try these pants or see what else Berle can offer in terms of menswear, check out our site today!