Classic Khaki Pants For Men

There’s no denying it: a pair of classic khaki pants is a wardrobe essential for men. Not only do they give your outfits a level of style above ordinary jeans, but they’re versatile enough to handle both casual and dressy looks. Shop classic styles from Berle, and get recommendations for styling below.

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Choose Your Favorite Khakis

If you want to wear your Charleston Khakis with dressy clothes, then you’ll want to pick out the best version of this American classic for pairing with suits, blazers, and the rest. We recommend having a look at our pleated Washed Khakis for this purpose. Here’s why. 

  • Color range. There are plenty of colors to choose from here, from a formal and classic navy to a brighter “stone.” The Charleston Brick can be just as formal, especially during the summer months for outdoor events.
  • Pleating. Make no mistake: pleating is generally the proper choice if you plan on doing a lot of sitting. That means pleating works well in the business environment, where sitting at a desk or at the conference room table will be common. That pleating helps you maintain a comfortable feel as well as a steady silhouette.

We know what you’re thinking. “What about flat front?” Isn’t that every bit as formal as pleated khakis?

It comes down to personal preference. For example, consider our Charleston Khakis in Stretch Twill.  There’s nothing overtly casual about these classic khaki pants. They’re solid, steady, and won’t look out of place when you pair them with a blazer and button-down shirt on top. But when it comes to formal events like job interviews—when you might be expected to do a lot of sitting—you might want that extra bit of folding to work to your advantage. For outdoor events and plenty of standing, go with the Flat Front.

Pair Your Khakis Well

The beauty of a quality pair of Charleston Khakis? They pair well with just about everything. You can wear a polo with them in the summer for a casual golfing outfit, for example. Or you can dress your suit on top of a pair of Charleston Khakis and look every bit as snug.

In fact, Charleston Khakis are so versatile that your main issue will be color matching. If you pick up a pair of Charleston Khakis in “Stone,” for example, you won’t have to do a lot of matching. But if you want to have some fun with your dressy outfits, you can try the classic Charleston Brick color, which is close to salmon. This color pairs well with navy, white, and even pastels (especially during spring) to give your wardrobe a pop of vibrancy.                               

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Not sure you want to go the dressy route for your next pair of classic khaki pants? Then head on over to our section for Casual Pants for a more laid-back look. You’ll likely find that your Charleston Khakis will fit in there, as well.