Most Comfortable Work Trousers & Pants From Berle

When someone’s selling you stylish pants, what do they sell you on? The fit, the look, the sophistication. But they miss a key point: if a pair of slacks isn’t comfortable, you’re never going to wear them. And if you don’t wear them, well—so much for “improving your wardrobe.”

Pants have to be comfortable as well as stylish. If you want to upgrade your style consistently, then you have to find the most comfortable work trousers that fit your style—as well as your sense of what feels good every day. That’s why we’ve put together a list of three of our most comfortable work pants options.

Performance Dress Khakis—Pleated

A good pair of pleated dress khakis doesn’t sound very casual, does it? You’d be surprised. There are a few key elements that make this pair of Performance Dress Khakis particularly well-suited for casual Fridays

  • Wrinkle and Stain-Resistant Cotton Twill. This comfortable fabric isn’t just nice-looking, but it’s nice-feeling. Because it resists stains and wrinkles, you can be more “casual” with how you wear it. In fact, you can even wear it around the house.
  • Relaxed fit. Pleated khakis might be great for the boardroom, but the relaxed fit means you don’t have to have a big meeting on the docket to enjoy a quality pair of pants. The double pleat helps maintain a consistent silhouette even when you’re seated.
  • Split waistband and seat. This is a subtle touch we often include with our trousers—it makes it easier for tailors to bring them in, if necessary, which ensures you have the most comfortable fit possible.

All in all, these “Dress khakis” might just be the versatile option you need to enjoy any time of the week.

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Microfiber Self Sizer—Flat Front

If you’re looking for something even more relaxed, you’ve got it. The Microfiber Self Sizer in Flat Front features a polyester microfiber construction that’s ideal for weekday wear, making it suitable for lounging around the house as well as getting work done at the office. Like the Performance Dress Khakis above, this pair of trousers has a relaxed fit. And since it’s water and stain resistant, you’ll get much of the same performance as well.

The best touch? A self-sizer waistband that extends up to 4” to ensure you have the most comfortable men’s trousers possible. The great fabric is essential for comfort, of course—but without the right fit, none of it matters.

Microfiber Performance Trousers


Seersucker—Flat Front

Sometimes comfort isn’t just about how the fabric performs indoors. It’s about how breathable and responsive it can be when you’re outdoors. Enter the Seersucker Flat Front. The traditional fit is snug, the 100% cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable, and it’s easy to customize the entire construction of the trousers to fit you like a glove. This is ideal for looking your best outdoors—without feeling stifled and sweaty.

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