Common Men's Dress Pants Problems—And How to Fix Them

Let’s face it: it’s not always easy to find a great pair of dress pants. They’re either too long, fit poorly around the waist, or don’t match what you already have in your wardrobe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right knowledge, there’s no reason you should have any problems with purchasing dress pants ever again. Here are a few of our ideas for preventing common men’s dress pants problems.

Problem: The Fit is Awkward

Solution: Self-sizing.

We’re all built differently. Some of us need a broader waist and shorter legs. Some of us need the exact opposite. Some of us need something in between. The problem is that buying most pants “off the rack” doesn’t work for these special sizing needs. You need a pair of pants that fits you.

Our recommendation? Try self-sizing. Our Self-Sizer Men’s Dress Pants make it easy to enter in a range of variables from rise to waist to inseam. The result: you’ll get a custom-fitting pair of pants every single time you order a new pair from Berle. All you need to know are your basic measurements.

Problem: Spillage & Clumsiness

Solution: High-performance pants.

No matter how smoothly you might navigate your day, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into a problem sooner or later. That might mean spilling a hot cup of coffee on yourself or even brushing against something that later creates a mystery smudge on your favorite pair of pants.

If this problem is inevitable, why not prepare for it?

Our Performance Dress Khakis use wrinkle and stain-resistant cotton twill to help serve as a shield against the rigors of daily life. Having a great pair of pants shouldn’t have to mean worrying about getting them dirty. With high performance dress pants, you can look your best and walk with plenty of confidence.

Problem: Limited Color Choices

Solution: Charleston Khakis.

White and navy are great. They’re versatile, crisp, and perfect for adding to a new wardrobe. But what if you want to venture beyond the usual color choices and try something with a little more boldness? That’s where items like Charleston Khakis come in. Available in everything from British Tan to Charleston Brick, they give you five different options for matching up with a wardrobe that might have the need for more than just matching one color.

If you want even more color choices for dressier pants, you can look at Super 100’s Gabardine pants. These pants, made from 100% wool, currently include seven different color options so you can match them with just about any suit top in your wardrobe.

More Great Trousers At Berle

While there’s a lot to know about men’s dress pants, they aren’t rocket science, either. The answer to your most common dress pants problems can be found—especially if you shop at a place like Berle. Browse our men’s dress pants collections to find the right match for your wardrobe.