Cuffed Pants Or No? To Cuff Or Not To Cuff...

What are cuffed pants? Do you look better with cuffs or not? Do cuffs suit the situation or not? If you’ve ever found yourself asking any of the questions above, then you’ve been confronted with one of the most important questions in all of men’s trouser fashion: To cuff or not to cuff.

At Berle, we are proud to offer custom bottom finishings on our tailored trousers, which can include a finished him, cuff, or unfinished hem. If you’re unsure what to select, we hope this guide will help you get the perfect finish for your needs.

What Are Cuffed Pants?

Pant cuffs are the upturned portions of the hem of your pants. They may not seem like a terribly important issue, but you’d be surprised. And it can get confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide on deciding whether or not you should cuff your pants.

Why Cuff Pants?

To start, why cuff pants at all? What purpose do they serve?

In the simplest sense, cuffs are the bottom hem of your pants, the portion with extra fabric folded up to create a pre-defined sense of finish. Since most pants feature similar fabric at the waist, the cuff helps provide an overall sense of balance to the look.

But cuffs don’t necessarily come hard-wired into every pair of trousers. For example, if you look at our Performance Dress Khakis, you’ll find that a minimalistic approach to the hem creates a clean, casual look. At the right length, going cuffless can give your pants a tailored appearance.

So why cuff at all?

Cuffed pants are considered a “dressier” way to go, often because the cuffing itself can represent a more tailored approach to the exact fall of the hem of the pant. But this precise approach isn’t universal. Here are some quick pointers to help you opt for cuffed pants or not.

When To Choose Cuffed Pants

There are a few commonly accepted rules for pants cuffs, such as:

  • Flat front pants, which tend to be more casual, should not include cuffs
  • Pleated pants can be accentuated with a cuff to make the pleats stand out
  • Cuffs tend to add “weight” to the pants, visually speaking
  • Cuffs should be about 1.5 inches for a man under 5'10” and 1.75 inches for taller men

What’s the solution for you?

Generally, you’ll want to distinguish between dress pants and casual pants. Both types of trousers can be made from fine materials and can give you a clean, well-put-together look. But casual pants are typically better for more daily events, such as a night out, while the dressier options tend to be better for formal events like weddings and important meetings.

In general, cuffs go well with dress pants, as long as you avoid including in flat front styles. But you don’t always need to distinguish between the two when it comes to cuffs. A cuff can give a pair of casual pants a nice visual pop as well.

Cuff Height & Width

If you do decide to go with cuffed pants, it’s important to ensure that the bottom of the cuffs hit the top of your shoe at a natural position. Although the finer points of cuffs can be debated, more people will notice a poor fit than they will an ill-matched cuff. In general, cuffs should be about 1.5 inches for a man under 5'10” and 1.75 inches for taller men.

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January 15, 2019 by Berle Editor
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