How to Dress in Your 20’s for Men

Men in their 20s are in a transitional period between youth and maturity, and many of them look the part! The good news is that your 20s are a time of great energy and experimentation. No bad clothing choices you make will stick around for long, but you might also find some excellent aesthetic options to adopt for the rest of your life. Let’s break down how to dress in your 20s as a man.

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Follower or Trend-Setter?

You need to decide early on whether you want to emulate classic masculine looks or be bolder and more adventurous by setting trends yourself.

You probably already know which you want to do based on your personality. However, keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with items that already work, including jeans, t-shirts, chinos, and leather jackets.

Try to Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. More men than ever before are jumping into bright colors instead of the classic trio of black/gray, navy blue, and brown. If you see a pair of trousers you want to try or a shirt in a bold hue, go for it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment in your 20s. You’re at the perfect social and physical stage where you can get away with trying almost anything. People will either forgive or forget your blunders by the time you reach your 30s.

Your 20s are about finding yourself, and that includes finding your perfect wardrobe and fashion aesthetic.

Opt for Affordable, Well-Made Clothing

When choosing clothes in your 20s, your monetary strategy should be a little different from that of older men. Search for clothes that are comfortably within your price range. Also prepare to buy the same item twice, since as a man, your body won’t stop growing until your late 20s.

That’s right—even though you’re likely already at your maximum height, you might gain an inch or two by the time you hit 27. You’ll also probably bulk up if you’re a beanpole archetype. The bottom line is, the clothes you buy when you’re 20 may not fit you when you’re 25. Don’t buy clothing intending for it to last forever.

That doesn’t mean you should totally cheap out on your clothing. You still want them to look smart and stylish. Try to strike a nice balance between quality and price.

Classic Picks for Men in Their 20s

Now, let’s break down some of the best fashion items you can wear as a man in your 20s. These choices will likely be good picks no matter your personal style or social group:

  • Dark jeans. Black or dark navy jeans are perfect standard-issue legwear. You can wear these to cocktail parties, work, casual social occasions, and more. Have at least two pairs handy and you'll be set. Shop Now.
  • White shirts are making a comeback. They can be paired with jackets or worn underneath other shirts if you live in a cold climate.
  • Derbies or Oxfords are ideal for wearing to work and attending slightly more formal parties.
  • A bomber jacket or leather jacket makes a great statement. You can find these tailored with practically any team insignia or fashion symbol, so pick the one that best fits your personality.
  • A good suit is necessary to have. You’ll need a suit not only for formal occasions like weddings but also for interviews and more. Fortunately, men in their 20s can get away with having just one decent suit for most important events.

Extra Style Tips

In addition to trying on the clothes mentioned above, you can improve your look by following these additional styling tips:

  • Add a good accessory to the mix, like a quality watch.
  • Pay attention to color coordination. Choose colors that go well together when pairing your trousers and shirts or jackets. In general, bright colors go better with bright colors and dark colors go well with dark colors.
  • Take care of your skin if you aren’t already. You should wash your face every day and use a beard moisturizer if you have facial hair.
  • Style your hair. Don’t just let it sit on your head! Use gel or wax to accentuate the better details of your face.

All in all, dress well as a man in your 20s by experimenting, finding what works, and not taking anything too seriously. Follow this guide and you’ll look great as you find your way!

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