Experiment with Pastel in Your Spring Outfit

It’s time to start suiting up for spring, and what better way is there than to experiment with relaxing pastel colors? Pastel shades are some of the best colors for your spring wardrobe items. If you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down how you can experiment with pastel shades in your spring outfits now.

What Are Pastels?

If you’ve never worn pastel clothing before, you might not know what pastel shades really are in the first place.

In a nutshell, pastel colors are light shades of main colors. They look and feel very gentle to the eye, so they’re great for the bright light and cool weather of springtime. Some example pastel colors include:

  • Pistachio green
  • Baby blue
  • Pink
  • Mint
  • Pastel yellow
  • Lavender
  • Peach

As you can see, pastel colors aren’t distinct hues in and of themselves. It’s best to think of pastel colors as variations of primary colors like green, blue, yellow, and red/orange.

How to Wear Pastel with Style

Like when you wear any color, you have to consider some factors to determine what exact shades are best for your clothing goals and your personal aesthetic.

Consider Your Skin Tone

For example, be sure to consider your skin tone. Different skin tones go better with different pastel colors. For instance, if you have fair skin, washed out or softer pastels won’t look as good since the color of your skin will blend with the color of your clothes. Therefore, men with fair skin should stick to shades like pistachio green, coral, and certain shades of pink.

On the other side, if you have a darker complexion, you’re in luck because your skin will look great with practically any pastel color. If you’re more in the middle, your skin probably has a warmer tone than men with fair skin. Therefore, you can wear pastel colors like mint green or lilac.

Keep it Loose, But Not Too Loose

Furthermore, you should wear slim-fit pastel clothing wherever possible. Slim-fit clothing makes you look masculine and highlights your physique while also benefiting from the gentle pastel shades often worn in spring. If your clothing is too loose, you could look a bit too feminine for what you're aiming for.

Fitted shirts and trousers are ideal for springtime wardrobes.

Wear Complementary Colors

Lastly, be sure to choose complementary pastel colors that look great next to one another, at least if you plan to wear more than one pastel color at once. For example, beige or white shorts and a pink shirt are staple spring clothing partners – you can always find a few surfer bros rocking these colors when they head to the beach after winter.

On the flip side, mint green and peach don’t look very attractive together, so don’t pair them by choosing a shirt in one shade and shorts in another, for example.

Great Ways to Experiment with Pastels

Now that you know how to consider pastel colors, let’s break down a few experimental pastel spring outfit examples.

Pastel Shirts

Pastel-colored T-shirts look great, especially when paired with light-colored pants or shorts. However, you can also try pastel-colored Henley shirts. Combine a colored shirt with white or eggshell shorts for a breezy look perfect for a beach day trip.

Pastel Jackets

To really rock a high-class style, consider a double-breasted jacket in a pastel shade like mint green or baby blue. For the best results, pair your pastel-shaded jackets with tailored trousers of the same colors. Then wear a darker undershirt to highlight the pastel color of your outerwear.

Pastel Pants and Shorts

Pastel-fitted trousers, such as Berle’s Vintage 1946 Twill Pants, are perfect pairings for light-colored T-shirts or even business shirts. They’re also great choices for an Easter church service or other get-togethers in the bright springtime sun. The above pants are stylish but also supremely comfortable, and they can be tailored precisely for your leg shape and dimensions.

Pastel Socks and Shoes

When it comes to experimenting with pastel footwear, choose light-colored shoes and dark-colored socks or the reverse. Don’t choose the same shade or side of the light spectrum for both, as you’ll just make your socks and shoes blend together by accident.

Add Pastel Color to Your Wardrobe

Overall, every man should experiment with pastel in his spring outfits. Pastel shades look great, allow you to cultivate a relaxed and easy-going wardrobe, and are perfect choices for both casual and semi-formal events. Check out Berle’s tailored pastel-colored trousers today!