Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Mastering men’s fashion takes time even for guys who are committed to wearing what makes them look best. With so many choices, it’s inevitable you’ll make a few stumbles along the way to fashion perfection. Let’s take a look at some of the most common fashion mistakes men make so you can avoid them when putting together your next top-tier outfit.

Too Long Trousers

Firstly, don’t be the guy with trousers that are too long for his legs or shoes. If your trousers are baggy, you won’t look as tall as you really are and you’ll look dorkier instead of fit. Plus, everyone knows that baggy trousers make you look sloppy.

Ideally, get your trousers tailored so that their pants stop right at the top of your shoes. A slight hint of your socks should be visible when you are standing straight or when sitting down.

Any tailor worth his or her salt should be able to do this without much trouble. Get your slacks tailored no matter what, especially if you choose high-quality slacks like Berle’s Fancies line. These comfortable and stretch fabric trousers are perfect for workplace engagements or even formal social gatherings, like certain weddings. But they’ll only look as sharp as possible if they are designed to fit perfectly with your legs and waist!

Too Long Sleeves

By the same token, some men wear jacket sleeves that are too long for their arms. Don’t worry; it’s rare to find jackets that fit perfectly right off the rack. However, you should get all your suit jackets tailored so that the sleeves hit right above your wrist bone. Furthermore, your jacket sleeves should allow about half an inch of shirt cuff to be seen. If the sleeves cover your shirt cuffs entirely, they aren’t right for you.

Wearing the Wrong Socks

Do yourself a favor and only ever wear colored socks with nice trousers. Don’t wear white athletic socks with anything aside from jeans and athletic wear. Why?

Simply put, white socks look casual and underdressed and they can significantly detract from the rest of your ensemble. This is doubly true when you are wearing perfectly tailored trousers. Stick with black or brown dress socks anytime you want to impress a date or look professional at work.

Bad with Buttons

When you wear a suit jacket or a button-down shirt, make sure you button up the correct number of buttons overall.

With a button-down shirt, you should only ever have one button undone, unless you are wearing a tie or jacket, in which case no buttons should be undone (except for the buttons right at your neck. You only need to button those if you are wearing a tie).

What about jackets? You should keep your jacket buttoned whenever you are standing up. Unbutton your jacket when you’re sitting down. Don’t just button one, either, always button both of the available buttons on your jacket.

Baggy Dress Shirt

Wearing your dress shirt correctly is also important if you want to impress your date or look your best in the workplace. A good dress shirt will not be baggy. Specifically, it should have no more than two fingers or so of room. The shoulder seam of the dress shirt should almost perfectly hit your actual shoulders.

If a dress shirt doesn’t fit right off the bat, no worries. A tailor can take in or expand the dress shirt depending on your needs.

Untucked Dress Shirts

Far too few guys take this classic lesson to heart. Never wear a dress shirt untucked, even if you aren’t wearing a jacket with it. Untucked dress shirts simply look sloppy and unprofessional, even if you’re going on a casual or semi-casual date.

Instead, keep any dress or button-down shirts tucked in at all times. Wear a stylish belt and watch to complete the look and to highlight the natural "V" of your figure. Note that this rule still holds even if you wear an overshirt over a dress shirt.

Too Long Tie

Lastly, take care not to do your ties so that they’re too long (or too short, for that matter). The perfect tie should end right at the top of your belt buckle. If it goes beneath your belt, it's too long. If it doesn't reach your belt, it's too short. Practice tying the perfect tie to always look your best on any occasion.

Find Your Style at Berle

As you can see, there are a lot of details that go into showing off your style. Berle is here to help you look your best, so take a look at our tailored selection, or if you’re feeling more casual we’ve got your covered with our dress khakis. Happy shopping!