Giving Trousers As A Gift

You might know a lot about buying the right men’s trousers—but what happens when your purchase is for someone else? Someone you know who absolutely, positively needs an upgrade in their trouser game? Suddenly the rules all change. But that doesn’t have to a bad thing. In this brief guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about giving trousers as a gift so you can get it right the first time.

Step One: Getting the Size Right

“Know yourself” is more than just a bit of philosophical advice. It’s also an advantage you have when it comes to buying trousers that fit. You know your size and you know how to use self-sizer pants to make the order right every single time. But what happens when the gift is for someone else?

You could go the gift card route, but that limits you to certain brands who offer a gift card. Also, a gift card is something of an assignment—some homework for the recipient to do after you’ve left the party. No, if you want to get the size right, you’ll have to be a little sneakier than that. Here are a few options:

  • Contact a partner. Chances are you can keep the surprise up if the gift recipient you have in mind has a partner who’s likely made similar gifts before.
  • Do some reconnaissance. You’re buying someone a pair of pants, so we’re going to assume you have a close enough relationship with them that you can either ask someone else in their life about the right size… or even have a look at some (currently unworn) pants as well.
  • As long as you include a receipt, a guesstimate can be a fine way to go about it. Yes, it’s a risk, but it also preserves the surprise that occurs when they first open that gift box.

But size isn’t everything in fashion—it also comes down to look and style.

Step Two: Picking the Right Trousers

This one is less about raw numbers and more about “feel.” What kind of color does the recipient like to wear? What kind of other clothes do they have that might match what you’re about to purchase?

  • A more casual man might prefer a Dress Denim, for example. This is a comfortable, versatile type of dress pant that has a lot more in common with jeans than the rest.
  • If your recipient has a lot of business to do, Tailored Trousers might be a better fit. These are better matched with suits and button-ups, which in turn makes them a great gift for the work week.
  • For sheer versatility, you can’t go wrong with Charleston Khakis. No matter where you live, the Charleston style is well matched with just about anything your recipient might have in their wardrobe. This makes Charleston Khakis a great “foolproof” gift.

Step Three: Shop Berle Fine Men’s Trousers

Your options don’t end there. Browse our full range of men’s trousers and shorts for the perfect gift in the right size!