Grey Flannel Trousers Style Guide

Everyone else is wearing navy, black, khaki. But there’s something about the subtle texture of a well-executed pair of grey flannel trousers that can be surprisingly eye-popping. The only question is, how do you pull off grey flannel trousers to make sure you use 100% of the potential of this classic men’s style? Here's a handy style guide with a few ideas!

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When to Wear Grey Flannel

First, let’s get specific with what we’re talking about. Flannel tends to be made from woven wool—often brushed so that it has more comfort than what you might normally associate with the scratchy texture of wool.

The result is a texture that’s softer than worsted wool but still boasts many of the great qualities that make wool such an effective insulator. That makes grey flannel ideal for winter wear—without looking like you’re wearing traditional winter pants.

You can wear a pair of pants like Berle Wool Flannel Trousers in Flat Front and look occasion-appropriate just about any time during chilly weather. That includes chilly nights in any season—and plenty of use throughout the winter.

Matching Grey Flannel with Your Outfit

The key to understanding grey flannel’s effects on your outfit is that they’re not just “grey.” You’re dealing with more than just color here. You’re also dealing with texture. A crisp white shirt paired with grey flannel pants is a classic combination, sure, but it also serves to highlight just how rugged the texture of the wool in the pants can look.

That’s one way to pair other items with grey flannel. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Dress shoes up or down. Want to wear casual brown shoes to play the grey flannel “down”? Great. Go ahead and do that. Want to wear black shoes to a formal event? Then do that. One of the chief advantages of grey trousers is that they’re one of those rare clothing items that can handle either way. Oxford shoes tend to go great for the formal look, while brogues and suede Buckingham shoes can work just as well for a more casual flair.
  • Don’t be afraid to go casual up top. Something like a turtleneck sweater—or any sweater, for that matter—really serves to highlight just how cozy a good pair of grey flannel trousers can look. It also fits in neatly with your understanding of how perfect wool flannel is for chilly weather.
  • Match it with a grey jacket. The grey jacket-and-trouser combination goes back to the most stylish looks of James Bond in the 1960s. This classic look hasn’t lost any of its luster in the meantime.

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