How To Dress Like A Manly Man

As the saying goes, "Clothes make the man.” But only if they’re properly fitting, eye-catching and attractive. It doesn’t hurt if you’re well groomed, too. If you're wondering how to dress like a manly man, take a note from vintage style icons James Dean, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Start with basic, timeless items -- then add accessories and seasonal items to get that standout masculine style.

Looking for examples of head-turning style? We've got you covered.

Here are 10 must-have items every manly man should have in his wardrobe.

 1. The Classic Blazer

blazer with chino pants for men

A blazer dresses up your colored chinos and it looks great layered over a fine-quality polo or plaid shirt. A dark neutral is perfect for dressing up or down. Want to keep turning heads? Choose a shade that matches the darkest tone of your hair or eyes.

2. A Great Pair of Jeans

 jeans go great with plaid shirts

A great pair of jeans works with just about anything. While it's easy to reach for a t-shirt, don't miss an opportunity to look stylish and put together. Go for polo or plaid shirts when you want to dress down or you're going for a relaxed look.

3. Fine Quality Chinos

 plaid shirts and twill pants a winning combination

These classic vintage twill pants show your sense of style and sophistication. These pants are comfortable and roomy. Go casual or professional if you can't (or won't) wear jeans. Neutral colors work with almost everything, but a colorful accent adds personality and sex appeal when it's done well. 

4. Standout Shoes

dress shoes are a style necessity

Your shoes say a lot about your lifestyle and appearance. A good slip-on loafer is a versatile staple that adds character to business attire and casual wear. For formal occasions, opt for a sleek black lace-up to point you in the right direction. Not sure about shape? Streamline your outfit with a shoe that features slim contours and a rounded (but not sharp) toe. This will keep your look polished and masculine.

5. The Right Belt

the belt ties your plaid shirt and jeans together

Your belt adds the finishing touch to your outfit. A good rule of thumb is to match your leathers. Your buckle color should coordinate with your watch, to give your outfit a head-to-toe, put-together look.

6. The Timepiece

 this watch is the icing on the cake

The watch is a standard fashion accessory for a man. If you don’t like to wear a watch all the time, choose a leather wrist cuff or bracelet, something to add the style element. It shows you pay attention to detail and that you’ve taken the time to dress carefully.

7. The Trench Coat 

 full sleeve shirts should fit comfortably with your trench coat

The art of manliness says it best. The trench coat is a classic garment that adds a punch of handsome to any outfit a man wears. But what makes the trench coat just right? The perfect trench coat should be big enough for you to wear over a suit jacket or heavy sweater, but not big enough for you to use as a parachute. Make sure the shoulder extends out past your shoulder no more than 1 full inch (when you're all buttoned up). The sleeves should be 2 to 4 inches longer than your suit jacket sleeves. Now that's classy!

8. A Wool Sport Coat


Heavier and less structured than a blazer or suit coat, a sport coat pairs nicely with prime poplin pants. Perfect for fall and winter, a sport coat over a nice plaid or buffalo check shirt adds an air of authority to your look.

9. Button Down Shirts

this plaidesque shirt says all eyes on me

The classic white or light blue dress shirt you wear with your suit, twill pants, or jeans. Send a message, add some color and personality to your style with a nice, bright-colored woven shirt. See how this Non Repeat Plaid Navy shirt makes that happen? It’s eye-catching and totally unique from plaid shirts the other guys are wearing. Mix and match your button down shirts with existing outfits to create a new look.

10. A Tailored Suit

the tailored suit: classic American clothing

Where the little black dress is a fashion essential for women, a well-tailored suit is a must-have for well-dressed men. Take it to the top with a 3 piece suit. Wear the vest and slacks to tone it down. Only able to choose one? Opt for a rich navy color. It looks sharp year round and works with most skin tones. A classic suit is always in style.

A well-dressed man exudes manliness. His clothes inspire confidence and attract attention. But it all starts with key foundation pieces. Follow our style guide and start building your wardrobe today.