How to Keep a Dress Shirt Tucked In

Any guy who’s ever tried—and failed—to keep a crisp, clean look with a tucked shirt knows how frustrating it can be. You put in the effort to have a suit measured and tailored—only to have the suit come apart during a long event like a wedding reception, because the dress shirt won’t cooperate. Don’t worry. Here’s how to keep a dress shirt tucked in the easy way.

Option #1: Stays

Stays refer to any type of material you might add under the garment to keep the shirt in place. For example, a “Y-stay”—which looks like a pair of suspenders—can clip to the bottom sides of your shirt and run down inside your pants to the top of your sock. This slight tension on the shirt will ensure that the bottom remains tucked so long as the shirt remains clasped.

You may also find other forms of stays that help. Modern suit pants often include texture material at the waist that’s designed to add friction to prevent the shirt from slipping.

Keep in mind that stays are different from items like suspenders, which are only designed to keep your pants up. A shirt can still become ruffled and start to bunch over the pants, which means that a pair of suspenders isn’t enough if you want to guarantee that your shirt stays tucked.

Option #2: Tuck Your Undershirt Under Your Underwear

One of the primary causes of a dress shirt constantly popping out of your dress pants is your undershirt. The more things get crumpled underneath, the more force gets sent to your outer layers when you bend and move.

You can help remedy this situation by tucking your undershirt away as well. That usually means tucking it into the waist of your underwear. This will give you an offset, four-layer approach that is surprisingly comfortable and effective.

Option #3: Seek Shirts Designed to be Tucked In

A dress shirt is usually designed to be tucked in. Be wary of those casual button-downs that are made to be worn on top of jeans or a pair of khakis.

The untucking trend is great if that’s what you want to go for. But if you want the clean, tapered look that comes with a tucked-in shirt, you’re going to need to make sure that your shirt has enough material below the waist. Most fashion experts recommend at least three inches. If you have even more material to work with, that’s even better.

Option #4: Use The Right Tuck

Use a military tuck along with a long dress shirt if you don’t have any stays and you don’t have an undershirt. It’s the best bet you’ll have for keeping the shirt in place throughout the evening. But if you want to be absolutely sure, make sure to add stays to your wardrobe as well.

Pair With Quality Trousers

It doesn’t hurt to have some great quality, properly-fitting trousers, either. Browse the collection of tailored trousers at Berle to find the perfect accompaniment to a crisp, tucked-in dress shirt!