How To Dress For A College Interview (For Men)

A college interview could be one of the most important events in your life. Be sure to dress the part. But how do you do that while still maintaining a sense of relaxed style? Here are a few tips for men on how to dress for a college interview.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

While a suit and jacket should show that you take an event seriously, it won’t look quite right if you don’t have the appropriate fit. A suit that’s too large will have the look of a hand-me-down—suggesting you didn’t take the time to get the right clothes for you. A suit that’s too small can be distracting as well.

How do you get the right fit? We recommend Tailored Trousers. Take your basic measurements (like inseam length, waist size, etc.) and then use these numbers to input exactly what you want out of a quality pair of pants. This can dramatically improve the way a pair of trousers like our Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated pants look on you. With the appropriate fit, you’ll not only look the part—you’ll look prepared.

Match Your Colors Appropriately

It’s important that you communicate not only that you’ve prepared yourself, but that you have the social awareness and aptitude to succeed at this university. Believe it or not, how you dress for a college interview, including the way you put together an outfit, can make an impression. Make sure that impression is positive!

A college interview is not the place to make excessively bold or flashy fashion choices. But you don’t necessarily have to be too conservative, either. Just go for a stylish look that matches colors appropriately.

For instance, a dark jacket and tie over a pair of Charleston Khakis in Stone communicates formality with just a touch of casual flavor. With the appropriate fit, you’ll demonstrate confidence and style—and you’ll send your interviewers a subtle reminder that if you ever have to represent the university, they can count on you to look the part.

Suiting The Clothes To The Occasion

It’s great to communicate seriousness about your college interview. But you don’t want to wear a tuxedo, either. A tuxedo would be over-the-top and out of place, as if you’re making a joke about the interview. When it comes to how to dress for a college interview is that you don’t want to go too casual or too formal.

A full suit is a go-to choice, but you can also get away with a great pair of trousers and a nice polo or button-up shirt tucked in. Be sure to wear a belt and match it with your shoes and pants, too!

Find Great Trousers At Berle

We recommend building a suit for your college interview by starting with a great pair of dress pants like the ones you’ll find in our Tailored Trousers Collection. With a blazer and a tie, you’ll look every bit the serious applicant without going over-the-top and making the review board wonder if you’re even taking your college life seriously.