Linen Shorts – The Best Summer Shorts for Keeping Things Cool

Staying cool in the sweltering summer heat can be trickier than you expect. Even shorts can make your thighs feel a little too hot for comfort if they aren’t made of the right material. Let’s break down some of the best summer linen shorts so you can feel cool and comfortable while you’re out and about or in the workplace.

What is Linen?

Linen is a flax fabric type that has long been known as a stellar summer textile. It’s very similar to cotton because it’s made from fibers that come from the stems of the flax plant rather than the bolls that are used to make cotton garments.

Of course, it’s important to note that linen is a distinct fabric type aside from “linens,” which can sometimes be used to refer to a variety of fabrics or towels.

Why is Linen Cool?

In any case, linen is highly desirable in hot or humid weather. Cotton retains moisture for a long amount of time, but linen dries very quickly. In this way, it can minimize heat retention and even boasts some sweat-wicking properties.

If you wear linen trousers, shorts, shirts, or jackets, you’ll find that you are cooler than average. Why? When your body sweats as it warms up, the water from that sweat soaks into the linen fabric. Because the linen fabric dries out very quickly, this has a cooling effect on your body.

You could theoretically wear a linen suit with a linen shirt out to a bright summertime wedding, all without feeling overly uncomfortable. On top of that, linen is available in many different styles, colors, and sizes. You can find linen shorts, shirts, suits, and other apparel in practically any shade you can imagine.

For all of these combined reasons, linen is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, summer fabric types available. Linen shorts are particularly popular for guys in the summer months, as they expose enough leg skin to facilitate easy sweating while also helping to wick away moisture and keep the waist area nice and cool all day long.

Top Linen Summer Shorts for Men

There are plenty of linen summer shorts you can find at a variety of retailers, but the best of the best will be tailored to your specifications and made of top-tier materials. Berle's linen shorts are perfect picks for casual wardrobes and for workplace-appropriate attire.

Summer Shorts for Fun

There’s no limit to how many linen summer shorts you can wear just for fun. Linen summer shorts are great for casual dates with a significant other, hanging out with your friends, or going shopping.

Take these natural linen flat front shorts, for example. They're supremely comfortable and are in a neutral color, perfect for pairing with any color T-shirt or tank top you have in mind. The traditional fit and 9-inch inseam ensures they won't be too short for comfort. Meanwhile, the shorts' 100% linen blend guarantees excellent cooling potential.

But maybe you’re looking for something flashier and a little more adventurous. In that case, these Charleston khakis plaid linen shorts in blue and green could be just the ticket. They aren’t 100% linen, instead being made of 52% linen and 45% cotton. But they’re still supremely comfortable and, more importantly, showcase your fun spirit and willingness to experiment.

You can also opt for single-color linen shorts for your summertime ensemble. These lightweight linen blend flat front shorts from Berle are available in several different colors ranging from navy to red to yellow to purple. Pair them with your favorite T-shirts or graphic tees, and you'll look great while out with your friends.

Summer Shorts for Work

You don’t always have to wear trousers or long khakis at work! You can also wear linen summer shorts in the workplace, provided they are designed properly.

These Charleston khakis flat front cotton linen shorts are perfect examples. Made of a 55% cotton and 45% linen blend, they have a classic fit and are relaxed enough to be comfortable. But the neutral, light blue color also makes them workplace-appropriate, particularly when paired with a polo shirt or a button-down shirt.

Wrap Up

As you can see, linen shorts could be just what your summer wardrobe needs to elevate its aesthetic and guarantee your comfort all season long. Check out Berle’s extensive selection of linen shorts for all the options you could ever need!